Apparently, I’m a four day a week plus one JSFR updatin boo. Or less. Anyway, today’s entry is brought to you by the letter Z and the molecule caffeine.

This weekend, when I was low, I had a cup o’ mocha with Saturday brunch and then no more the caffeine for the next few days. You know, when I was THE SICK and all. I have no idea why I decide to go off caffeine when I’m ill but I thought it was a right peachy idea (again) so I did. Maybe I figure I’m feeling bad enough as is, why not do the caffeine withdrawl as well? Shoot, we’ll just brew us up a little ol’ misery party, an’ get it all done out. Or something. Anyway, I was feeling mighty fuzzy about the edges and just not right with the world Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday rolled around and I was operating at about 33 rpm in a 45 world. This is never a good thing, so I dragged my carcass out of bed and face planted in the five pound bag of Kona beans at the back of our freezer. Cold, but crunchy! Actually, it was just one large cup of coffee with breakfast but it was a fine large cup of coffee. Mighty fine.

Wednesday was the Best! Day! Ever!

My plork felt like it had just gotten a spring cleaning. Things were bright, words were clear, life was amazing! All the little tired cobwebs in the corners were completely gone and I think I might have even taken on the world just after lunch. It’s all a little hazy now because I had no coffee or tea this morning (since I’ve gotten it in my head to jump all over the anticaffeine bandwagon). Of course, the mental cobwebs have settled back into place and I’m feeling a little sleepy. I hope the world doesn’t want a rematch; cuz my best move today is the old snore to the head.

In conclusion, I can only surmise that I am caffeine’s bitch.

In other news, not zombie related…or perhaps still zombie related now that I think on it, TheMan is home with The Sick. Poor fella, I do not envy him the kind of morning I had Monday. On the other hand, this is one of the few times that I brought the cold home to him. If there has to be a plague exchange, I vote for me getting it first so I don’t have to wait for the sick hammer to fall. There’s nothing worse than knowing you are going to be illin in the near future and being able to see what exactly is in store for you when you are.

TheMan’s being sick also means I’m flying solo on cat duty. Badmovie and LunarGeography are out of town so TheMan and I volunteered to do cat patrol. It’s a pretty sweet deal for us because all we have to do is make sure the cat critters are fed and scooped and pill the smallest one (who will eat her pill in a squishy treat-score!). For our troubles, Badmovie let us know that they were in the land of fresh caught salmon of tastiness and that it is possible to overnight fish to a location…like our house. SCORE! Now if I can just remember exactly where they live…

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