More Braaaaaaaaaains

Ugh. Caffeine deprivation ’06 continues. And if anyone wants to know, carrots are just not cutting it as a caffeine substitute. I’d also like to add that carrots are a poor substitute for mini Twix bars as well.

Damn you caffeine addiction! I shall beat you if it’s the last thing I d-

Heh. So, other than a case of perma plork-webs of the non caffeinated, things go today. Poor TheMan is home again because of The Sick, which means I am again flying solo for cat duty. Yesterday’s drive by cat sitting went well; I didn’t have to play too prolonged a game of bait and switch with the pilled cat treat, Frost actually poked his head out of the curtains to say hello (Frost is afraid of the coffee table – he don’t come out for nobody) and I discovered that a circulating kitty water dish does have to be refilled. I have no idea why I didn’t think of it, other than my addled plork saw the set up and though the cats would have water from now until eternity. Fortunately, there was a moment of lucidity that corresponded with looking at the dregs slurshing around in the dish so the kitties all have lots of fresh tasty water as of yesterday.

Oh, and I found the house.

On the way home I stopped off at Sam’s Club for a little bit…well actually at Sam’s club I don’t think you can get a little bit of anything. Anyway, we were low on cereal and Sam’s club is THE place to get the monster box of Loud (GrapeNuts) and I was having a Loud thing. I also scoped it out for other food items and damnit, now I’m going to have to go to a bazillion extra places to get the best buys. At what point in time does the driving nix the savings? Sadly, Sam’s is really close to Meijers so it wouldn’t be that much of a side trip if I was planning to shop at Meijers. Sadly still, both stores are rather “meh” with the frootz so I’d have to go somewhere else in addition. I’m not built for multiple store shopping outings!

I did discover that Sam’s is the BOMB for cheese – for about twice the price you get five times the cheese. I’d do that. I used to think that they were only so-so with the cereal; some was a deal (LOUD!) some wasn’t, but with the prices of cereal that I’ve been seeing around, Sam’s has become the cereal stop as well. The one thing you do have to consider when Sam’s shopping is “Yeah, it’s a great deal, but am I ever going to go through 40 pounds of strawberries?” Take the OJ, twice the juice for about half again as much, but we just can’t house two containers of OJ.

Buuuuuuut, that’s not why I went. See, at the Wednesday game, Paul the Other told us about a fantastic deal Sam’s had on Star Trek season box sets. $50 would bring you home seasons 1, 2 or 3 of ST:TNG or seasons 1, 2 or 3 of ST:DS9. OoooOOOoooo! I’ve mentioned my weird series runs before and one of them is ST:TNG season 3 and nothing else. For half of what it would cost me anywhere else, I could get 1 and 2 and round out the collection a tad. Sadly, they only had season 2 and 3. I snatched up 2, looked in vain for 1 and then discovered-

Check it out! These were the only copies of any DS9 in the whole place. I took it as a sign that I was to buy them so I did. Look at how cool the case is with the peek-a-boo cover!


Of course this hasn’t helped my dilemma one bit because now I not only have a weird 2, 3 run of ST:TNG but I have a gapped run of 1, 3 DS9.

I can stop at any time…after procuring TNG 1 and DS9 2.

Also also, check this out:

We feast tonight. That’s about 6 pounds of salmon express shipped from the west coast by my favorite Badmovie and LunarGeography. They are the BOMB of peeps, yo and I declare today Official Badmovie and LunarGeography day. Y’all can continue to go about your business as usual but I insist that you take a moment and send happy loving worshipful thoughts their way. Anyone who FedExes Alaskan King Salmon half way across the country deserves a small cult, even if it’s just for today. You know, it’s getting pretty late in the day, lets call it Badmovie and LunarGeography weekend instead. I think they deserve more than seven hours of boo reader devotion (salmon! Across the US! Still fresh!). Make it so!

Tonight we have plans of eating salmon, watching TV and/or playing Warcraft. I think I’m also going to squeeze in some kitty scritching in there somewhere. The Weirdoes have gone (more) bonkers lately, which resulted in a prolonged cat fight from 3 am to about 7 this morning. Well, not the entire time because they are cats, but pretty sporadically every hour or so they’d haul off and thump each other. It’s tough to sleep when there is a rolling cat fight on your head…just ask TheMan.

Your moment of salmon dinner Zen.

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