Surprise Sunday Geocaching Picto Blog

Our alternate transportation for a while conveys us to our geocaching spot.

This Sunday, after a particularly exciting and road slippery Saturday, we decided to hit a cache and drop off our travel bugs.

Here’s TheMan, the GPS and the mighty Huron River in the background.

This cache is at the Parker Mill Park.

Picnic anybody? I’m not sure if it came out, but there are butt prints on the seat and a cleared off area on the table. Chilly. Plus, there is the creek in the background, which I thought was nice.

Geocaching: Now with extra education!

The coordinates were a bit off but eventually we found the cache, and by we I totally mean “TheMan” because I was off being a dorkus and taking pictures.

In with the travel bug…

and in with another travel bug, this one one of our design. TheMan calls it “Thanks for the Memories”.

And out with some swag. I seem to have a lot of frogs from caches so I nabbed this fella. Ribbit.

We had to quick hurry up and rehide the cache before the “muggles” caught on. I distracted them by taking pictures! It seemed to work as they were much more interested in the camera than they were with whatever were we doing with a tupper and the log. They continued on their wandering way none the wiser. Well, except about cameras. The one fella was a real camera nut.

Muggle dog!

Where have you guys been? If I sniff deep enough, I can smell France!

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