Hey! Is it Thursday already? Whoah, this is one of those weird (and ultra rare) weeks that have gotten behind itself. To me, it feels like Wednesday, which means a four day work week. WHOOT! (Think about it – if today is Wednesday then tomorrow is Thursday and the next day I don’t have to come in to work!)

A couple of things up front: The bug, she is not totaled! She is, however, very badly bruised to the tune of 6K. Apparently, 8.5K is when a bug is totaled, at least according to the shop guy. So, what did we break? (I have a list):

The front bumper is cracked, which we knew about pretty much immediately seeings as it has a big ol’ crack in it. Oh, and the lower half is just plain gone.
I have a note that says “fog lights” which, given that one is completely gone, is also the duh news. However, one is still attached (technically, the AWOL one was also still attached at the scene of the accident because it was the only thing that was keeping the lower bumper attached to the car. When we pulled off the road both the lower bumper and the fog light were gone) and I didn’t see any outward signs of damage. Maybe it’s grieving for the lost one.
One headlight is busted. This also we were pretty much able to discern upon inspection at the scene.
The power steering thingit (reservoir?) is cracked.
The battery covers are cracked.
The fuse box is cracked.
The thing that holds the transmission in the engine is cracked (core support?).
Air bags. Poor deflated air bags. Only four months and you would have been totally our air bags. We miss you.
The hood is being replaced. This one was a surprise to me because the hood was the only thing about the front of the bug that remained true to its before accident shape but apparently I was mistaken. It seems that the snappy little bug hood curve is murder to get seated properly if you have warped it (like say you T-bone a full sized truck) so they just ordered up a new one.
And finally, the bumper reinforcement is hosed, probably due to the lack of either not being there or being there when the bumper came flying backward violently before snapping completely off.

And now on to bigger and better things. First, my mumses (mumses! mumses! mumses! She only skims the blog until she sees her name so I wanted to make sure she didn’t miss this) rocks, yo. She’s away from her vehicle for the rest of February and has offered us the loan of her sporty little parkable and non gas guzzling Outback. I think we’ve saved ourselves an entire tank of gas already not driving the truck Tuesday, Wednesday or today (also Wednesday). I was thinking of declaring the rest of February as “Mumses rocks” month, since that is how long we have her car and a non parking stressed and gas money happy boo is an updating boo, but I have a better plan! Oh yes I do. Mumses’s birthday is at the end of March so I’m going to give her the whole darned month. I am! I’ll say a little something nice about my mumses in every entry (save the JSFRs, they’re sort of a different beast all together) because she is the BOMB (yo) and y’all can think a good thought or two at her during the days to come (but not until March!). You locals will understand better the pain of driving a large vehicle in this town and how much a hero my mumses is with the offer of a sane car to drive. YAY mumses!

And lastly, we come to Valentine’s Day. TheMan and I went out to Paesanno’s, our expensive restaurant, with the plan of ordering appetizers and dessert. Every other time we have gone for dinner and dessert, we are way too stuffed to even think about dessert, so this time we decided to eat light and dessert it up. It was a good plan, a great plan even but I think it went awry with the ordering of three appetizers. You know what I hate about appetizers? You can never really tell if it’s going to be this nicely satisfying thing or a depressing tidbit. Take a bloomin onion, damn thing’s practically a meal (one that will kill you with the grease but a meal none the less). You don’t want to be ordering a bloomin onion for every one at the table, certainly not. On the other hand, I’ve ordered crab cakes to share and gotten two silver dollar sized cakes. You can’t make a light meal out of that. A snack, maybe but the dessert better have a little heft to it.

So we ordered the calamari, which is always good, the double cheese and vegetable topped polenta, which was better and the peas of resistance? Tuscan white bean dip with toasted bread. I have no idea why bean dip was the pick of the night (and we’re not talking it was the top because the other two were substandard at all. All three were fab!) but it was goooo-ooood. Of course there is salad and bread and I was SO STUFFED even before dessert. ARRRGH! I did manage to eat a pumpkin crunch cake with hot and spicy caramel sauce though. And by the way, the “hot and spicy” sauce? Oh my word. It was like caramel sauce with a bite. We asked what gave it the bite and the waitress said “cayenne pepper”. Well, what do you know, you can use cayenne pepper on anything.

After that we rolled home (in mumses sporty little car!) and fell into food comas. Mmmmmm, Paesanno’s.

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