BLT Weekend

I remembered what I did on Friday! I mean, how can you forget duct taping your sister in law? That kind of thing sticks with you for a while. *snort*

No really, it’s true! DQ had a bug up her hinder about making a tailor’s dummy out of a shirt with an extra long sewed in neck, four rolls of duct tape and herself. Apparently, the whole deal works like this: You wrap someone all up in three layers of duct tape, cut them out of the duct suit and then (they) stuff the suit to bursting so it can be used to sew stuff onto and/or with. Whatever, it all boiled down to the fact that we got to actually duct tape someone. Willingly. And that’s all that counts. It took about an hour and a half with three people taping (the Qs were down, MomQ was manning one of the tape stations) and by the end, DQ looked a little like a silver Michelin Man. I guess three layers of duct tape aren’t that flexible.

The Qs were down because the Qs won a Hawaiian cruise in one of those benefit auction thingies and Saturday was the day of cruising. In Hawaii. So they came down to fly out of Metro, and to take us out to dinner, but mostly because they were going to Hawaii. On a cruise. Did it even top 32 degrees here at all during the entire weekend? I bet the only place it was 32 degrees for the Qs this weekend (other than the drive to Metro) was in their icy umbrella drinks. Anyway, jealousy aside, we went out to Baker’s Square for some dinner eats and pie! (before the taping) and I have to say, I was overly unimpressed. The waiter screwed up several orders (one of ours and another two at his other tables), served me a dirty cup and my dinner came out cold. Meh. So far Baker’s Square is batting .5, which is great for baseball but sucks for foodage.

Also, did you know that your fingers get baby smooth from repeated sticking to and prying off of duct tape? They do! And if anyone wants to try this lovely new “peel” method just let me know! I have experience now!

Saturday was spent playing a lot of lot of WoW but we also got some other things done as well. Whoot that. We took a quick WoW break around lunch (and say, I got up during the hour of 8!) to jaunt over to Sears and pick up some appliances for the condo and do some shopping. Then I needed a nap because stoves and dishwashers are much more expensive than I had anticipated (even the cheap-o ones) and spending money makes me sleepy. I can’t remember if I napped or not. I do remember getting back on WoW after dinner and doing “BRD!!!!!!”, which I’d translate for you but I’ve given up on the damned acronyms. Once you’ve played more than one MMORPG the letters all start blurring together and I have better things to use my plork space for.

Anyway, one of our crazy WoW friends (who has 2, count them 2 level 60 characters and he started the game after we did) was all about BRD!!!!! so we went. BRD, I think stands for “become really dead” since the first thing you do is jump into the lava and die. It was a “short cut” into the dungeon! and the dumbest thing I’ve ever done in game…including trying to walk a level 9 from city to city through a level 50 zone. Yeah. Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time swimming and dying in the lava before the adventure even began so BRD is, at the moment, on my top ten dungeons of HATE! I suppose it wasn’t so bad once we got in, but I was still in a snit about the lava.

Sunday rolled around and I rolled out of bed at 8:30. Yes, I did! I have no idea why, but I was just up at 8:30 and there was cleaning to do (since we were soaking in LAVA all last night and didn’t get to cleaning). By 11 I had the dishes done, breakfast almost cooked (hash browns and eggs) and the kitchen cleaned up. Oh, and also I hashed up enough taters to make three more hash and egg meals AND I got the bag of Cthulhu potatoes out of the “pantry” and dealt with. Huzzah! Then I took a nap. Heh.

TheMan got up and puttered around doing TheMan stuff and then went out to fire up the grill. But of course! How else are you going to cook up a leg of lamb for BLTs? (And don’t talk to me about the grocery budget this week. I’m living in denial and trying to think of how much ramen we can eat in order to get back on track.) Badmovie and LunarGeography were coming over for Smithee movies and the trial run of “BLTs Badmovie style”. Badmovie is one of my meatatarian friends and in idle conversation one day he tried to come up with a BLT he would actually eat. Thus was born the concept of a Bacon, Lamb and Turkey sandwich and the reason for grilling the leg of lamb.

I also attempted some s’mores out of a marshmallow-y JSF and in theory they were very s’moreable but in practicality, one should not s’more in 20 degree weather. I’m not saying it can’t be done because by gum we did it, but the chocolate tends to be quite chilly by the time the marshmallow is cooked and ready, which is sort of contrary to the whole melty chocolate thing. Oh, and any marshmallow that tends to goosh out of the crackers and onto your hand will do just that in 20 degree weather except most likely it will be sticking to a glove instead of any actual hand parts. On the plus side, marshmallow washes out just fine in the laundry.

The Badmovie BLTs were tasty but perhaps not the rousing success we were hoping for. The lamb and the bacon were so incredibly kickin with flavor that the turkey was completely lost in the mix. We could have had just BL sandwiches and not tasted much of a difference. However, how can you knock bacon? Mmmm, bacon! And lamb! Mmmm, lamb. MMmmmmMMMmmm…bacon and lamb. Oh dear, I’ve gone to my happy place. Hold on.

OK back. Maybe if we had roasted up a turkey we might have gotten some turkey meat with more muscle, or if we had marinated a turkey roast thing that might have held up better. As is, the deli slices just didn’t measure up. Poor deli slices. We then had time to watch one movie before calling it a night so we popped in Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People , one of Badmovie’s collection of many Smitheeflicks. It was OK but made much better by the incredible variance between the dubbing and the subtitling. About 60% of the movie was just a matter of flavoring; like saying “He is drunk” versus “he is three sheets to the wind”. 15% of the movie was spot on for both while another 15% of the movie was completely contrary (“he is drunk!”: “If he weren’t so sober!”) and for the remaining 10% of the movie the subtitler just plain dropped what was said. Apparently, it didn’t seem to matter if the fella was drunk or not, he was going to be a mushroom anyway. The movie yielded a paltry Alas, an SLM (the mushroom people!) and maybe one other thing. Perhaps the subtitler and dubber meant for us to be drunk?

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