Quick Surprise Tuesday Post

Hola! Bet you didn’t think there’d be a Tuesday post did you?

Ahhhh, the elusive Tuesday posting. Sometimes nothing is going on (and that is when you get no post), sometimes I just feel like rambling (and that’s when you get weird posts), sometimes I have some pics that need offloading (and that’s when you get pretty posts) and then sometimes I just have a bunch of odds and ends to wrap up (and that’s how the SAST was born). Today is maybe a little of everything.

TheMan and I have been watching episodes from out DVD TV series collections lately, mostly B5 with a DS9 thrown in there. Pretty good stuff, and I forgot how much I enjoyed the early years of DS9 (well, except for the Sisko scenery chewing, but even that sort of becomes par for the course if you watch enough episodes). I do have a question about the series opener for DS9, though. So, you have a Cardassian space station orbiting Bajor which has just been handed off to the Federation and Bajor to jointly rule. The Cardassians, being a species of intelligence, trash the place before leaving so nothing is working or online when the Federation shows up. I also get the impression that Bajor is really close to Cardassian space, given how often the Cardassians pop in for a Hello throughout the series. Anyway, the Enterprise ferries the commander and other personnel, hangs around for a couple of repairs, and then jets (warps?) off to some other part of the galaxy leaving DS9 with minimal shields and six proton torpedoes. Predictably, as soon as the Enterprise is off the Cardassians pop in for their first installment of DS9 harassment.

It makes for tense TV drama, but if you were the Federation, wouldn’t you want to leave one of your newly acquired but badly damaged facilities with some protection? If you can’t spare your flagship, why not send people by another capable ship? And would you leave them bordering hostile space with barely any means to defend themselves? What’s that about?

The other question I had was along a similar line but in the B5 universe. In the episode, B5 gets a call from a luxury space liner with a busted navigation beacon wallowing in raider/pirate space. So, to guide them in and protect against any possible raiders, B5 sends out two fighters. Two? Doesn’t that seem a little paltry to you? Are star furies that much better than any other single pilot ship that two can mop space with whatever flings itself their way?

Huh. But then again, if things were always written realistically perhaps shows would be more boring.

The froots and veggies plan or “eat some damn healthy food already” project continues on. I’ve also discovered that I really am not a froot person at all. When did that happen? I don’t remember being so apathetic about fruit when I was younger. Was I? I tell you, the only reason I ate my orange at all yesterday was because of this whole “eat healthy” initiative, and even then I woofed it down just to get it over with. One should not have to eat food with a grimace of martyrdom on their face. I’m not sure what’s going on with that, but I find it vaguely weird. It’s not like I hate froot, I just don’t want to be bothered with eating it.

Bananas, as always, remain exempt. I knew there was a reason that monkeys loved me.

Anyone want a cat? Isaak has been inconsolable the past couple of days whenever I’m not in the same room with him. This includes the times he walks out of the room himself to go do whatever it is he does when he walks out of the room. The end result is a (loud!) mournful cat howl for about five minutes or until one of us shouts “Hey dumbass! We’re here on the bed where you left us!” Oddly, that seems to do the trick and he either shuts up or comes running back like he’s been on some cat safari for three weeks in the deepest, darkest, wilds of Mongolia. I think he’s getting senile.

Little kitty, on the other hand, has been mostly nothing but a lump of sleepy cat. We come home to find her camped out in the kitty bed, which she won’t leave until dinner is served. Then she spends the evening rolled up on my lap with the occasional wild ass kitty freak out here and there, and then at night it’s to bed with us and to kitty bed with her. Yesterday morning I opened the sock drawer for her (because she loves to lie in and amongst my socks; it’s fuzzy, it’s a box! and it has its very own heat source) and when we got home there she was, still snoozing it up with my fat socks. I’d be willing to bet she was there the whole day too. Lazy cat. How do I sign up for some of that action, anyhow?

Least you worry, she is looking and acting perfectly healthy on all other fronts but for some reason she’s just got herself a case of the cat sleepies.

And now for the pics!

Our temporary wheels: The savior car! Yay mumses!

It’s 20 degrees outside (350 inside when the leg o’ lamb isn’t on fire): Grillin Time!

TheMan fired up the chimbly so he wouldn’t freeze to death (TheMansicle!) so I took the opportunity to…

make s’mores!

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