Pokey Poke!

Today is a pretty good day for having had to get up at 5am (which I didn’t exactly do since I rationalized that I could take a really quick shower if I slept in until 5:30…which I did. I can convince myself of almost anything in the morning if that means I get to sleep in a little bit longer. “Hey self, 10 more minutes of snooze and I’m positive I can figure out a way to beam us into work!” “Zzzzrtt…what? Sleep? OK, yeah sure. You work on beaming, I’ll work on…zzzzzzzzz”).

Why the early? Because today was the day I had to go get stuck and bled for another fertility testing thingit. I don’t remember exactly what they are looking for other than follicle juice and testosterone. Or maybe testosterone was in the fasting paperwork. Not sure. Anyway, I sacrificed eating breakfast soas I could go get drained for two different tests at once, except the doc wasn’t really clear about when I had to stop eating the night before in order for me to have a correct fasting result. Midnight was way out (I asked) and apparently you can’t go too long with the fasting or they wont take blood. We usually have dinner late and it was the Wednesday game so we had munchies and then when we got home at 10, there was the luggage sized box of Whitman samplers that I thought I might as well have a little bit of chocolate from and 10 seemed like a reasonable time to stop munching.

At 7pm today, I asked the nurses how long one should fast for if one is having fasting blood work drawn and they came up with a nice round number of 10 hours. One hour shy! ARRRGH! But I had to be there anyway for the follicle juice test (and whatever else they wanted in that bit of testing) so I got drained as planned. Now I’ll just have to wake up in the dead of night (and HONGRY!) once more and all the blood work is done. Huzzah! I’m thinking of fasting this coming Monday night and going in to get poked on Fat Tuesday. Something about fasting into Fat Tuesday really amuses me so I’m gonna do it! And then I’m going out for breakfast, damnit.

We also wound up breaking our “two times a month” eating out rule this morning since it was so darned early and we hadn’t had breakfast. Mmmm, Beaner’s coffee (hot cocoa for me, actually. Still doing that uncaffinated thing!) and a moofan. I need to start making moofans again, this one was tasty! It also had more poppy seeds (being a lemon poppy seed muffin) on it than I’ve ever seen in one place in my life, including the bottle of McCormick poppy seeds I had to buy once for a poppy seed cake recipe. I really hope I don’t have any drug testing coming up soon!

After the blood letting, I breezed into work for a couple hours of Very Important Mail getting and Check List Checking and then it was time for me to breeze to the condo and let the appliance peoples in. We bought a new stove and a new dishwasher for the condo (because apparently it will mean the difference between coming out paupers or coming out millionaires when we actually sell the thing. Anyone want to buy a condo? It’s got fresh new appliances!) but when they arrived Tuesday, the dishwasher was the wrong color and the stove was cracked. Ergo, they came back out Thursday with the right dishwasher and a shiny intact stove. Of course I got there before them (but only by about 15 minutes, they came within the first half hour of the two hour drop of time slot) so I decided to do some condo work while I waited. Man, I hate condo work (which is, no doubt, why the thing isn’t yet in shape for some lucky person to come by and snatch up out of my “willing to part with for a nice sum” hands) and taping off the trim wasn’t exactly my idea of lazy condo work so I looked around for something fun that I could do and not really have to work at. Oh, and that needed to be done because I certainly have no qualms about sitting around on my hinder but I don’t think the condo really needs that sort of “work” you know? What it did need was for someone to hack the beejeebus out of the resident Cthulhu rose, which was taking over the garden. Again.

(what is Thulium? Word desperately wants me to replace Cthulhu with it)

Remember way back when at the booniverse when I talked about the crazy rose plant that was trying to take over the neighborhood? Well, I hacked it back so the mail man could actually walk on the sidewalk without being flayed, but then the darned thing went crazy in the fall and took off all over my garden. Mind you, it wasn’t growing onto the sidewalk anymore so I sort of ignored it the few times I was over condoing but the last time I took a look I realized that my one rosebush (of the three that are planted in there) was overrunning all the other rosebushes in its exuberance to grow. Seeings as I had nothing to do but wait for the appliance guys, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to go to war with the plant. Hey, I have shears and opposable thumbs, the rose just has thorns. Piece of cake!

Have I told you about the thorns on my crazyass rose? You know those rose bushes that have no thorns? The rose people were only able to do that by genetically grafting the thorn gene from the thornless plants onto another breed of rose. You can’t just go disregarding the Conservation of Thorns principle…they have to go somewhere, and that somewhere is onto my crazyass rosebush. That damned plant has more thorns per branchita than Massachusetts has Kennedys and every single one of them (the thorns, not the Kennedys) tried to imbed itself into my flesh this morning. I have battle scars, people! I did come out victorious, to a point, and am mostly satisfied with the butchering of my Cthulhu plant. I may have to do a little more maintenance chopping come spring but for now, it doesn’t look like cave people live in my condo anymore.

Then I had to go back to work and I was sad.

Speaking of plants, because I just was, I noticed that one of the flower beds at the Union has started to sprout. Those poor daffodils are going to be in for quite a shock come this weekend when the temperatures are supposed to dip back down into the 30s. I think there is even a good chance of getting some snow. It did remind me that I should keep an eye out for my one bazillion crocuses that I planted last fall and see what they are up to. I wonder if they have decided to brave the chill and start growing? Those crazy crocuses!

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