Reflections of a Weekend Gone By

Very Whitman of me. I think. Well, whoever it is that gets all reflective-artsay in their writing. Maybe I’m having more of a Thoreau thing there. Whatever. Man, I just totally fifth graded my literature skillz, didn’t I? Perhaps I’m really going all Cleary on y’all. Hey, who doesn’t dig a mouse on a Harley?

Friday evening we went over to Mssr. Gonkweasel and TheRCK’s place for a birthday thang. Mssr. Gonkweasel is now officially older and fuller of junk food. He also noted that the older he gets, the less his body can handle a night of binge junk fooding. I totally disagree, despite my not feeling tip top the next day. I don’t think it had anything to do with my consuming Pringles, Ruffles, fat pop, Grasshopper fudge cookies or Cadbury candy coated chocolate eggs, hereby referred to as “Evil”. Well, maybe it was the Evil but I refuse to believe that my body can’t handle a night of junk fooding.

La-la-la! I can’t hear you junk food intolerance!!!

Saturday we must have played WoW. I think I also got the CrazyGnome up to level 50. Finally. Whoooo! I’m not sure what that means, other than I only have 10 more levels to go before I reach the top. Then what? My crazy leveling coworker says that there is so much more to DO! at 60, but I’m thinking it might be time to work on another character. Not that I don’t mind running the CrazyGnome all over the place, but a boo’s gotta have some different options, you know? I can’t be tied down to just one character! Where’s the shiny! in that?

Sunday I went shopping with DQ and hit Joanne’s Fabric store of ultimate doom. It’s Smithee Puppet Makin Time! Should I give away my idea now? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll hold onto it for just a bit longer, but suffice to say, I think this year’s SLM puppet is going to be the easiest of the puppets despite them not being sock puppets. I couldn’t think of a way to sock puppet my idea so I’m going with a hand puppet format this year. A really simple hand puppet format this year. No bandage soup, no last minute cow legs, just a quick body sewing, glue a head on and wala! Done.

April 22nd this year is the Official Smithee Date, despite the U getting all funky with their scheduling of exams. This year’s exam schedule has eliminated the traditional “Saturday after classes but before exams” timeslot. That’s not to say the U has managed to eliminate Saturday altogether (although I wouldn’t put it past them trying) but they seem to have felt the need to add more exam days earlier than they ever have. Consequently, the last day of classes this year falls on a Tuesday and the first day of exams falls on a Thursday. I don’t think we can convince them to change up their schedule back to the Smithee friendly old one, nor do I think we can convince the country as a whole to add a Saturday between that Last Day of Classes Tuesday and First Day of Exams Thursday. Ergo, this is the first year the Smithees fall in the middle of exams. I wonder if we’ll get more people or less people due to this.

Lastly, we watched a movie (whooo! Shock! Gasp! No wait, we didn’t actually go to the theater and watch it first run so I’m going to edit that to just Shock!) from our list of “movies that we need to watch already because what’s the point of having them if you never actually watch them” pile. Sadly, there are a TON of movies that I’ve watched that TheMan hasn’t (and he hates him the spoilers (She’s a HE!) so I can’t ever talk about them because TheMan will get all “I haven’t SEEN THAT YET!” and then I’ll feel all “Well soooor-rrry! It’s only like ten years old!” (Ra’s got nards, yo!) and we’ll be all cranky at each other because I’ve spoiled some bit of an antique of a movie he hasn’t seen yet. And AND! Every! Single! Time! we get into a movie watching mood, I’ll suggest these movies of antiquity so he’ll just have seen them already and Every! Single! Time! He says “Hrrrmmmmmm…nah. I don’t wanna watch that, I want to watch [some other movie that I’ve watched that you haven’t and I don’t know why you haven’t because it’s the Best Movie In The World and we really should watch it]”. Of course, then I don’t want to watch the best movie in the world that TheMan doesn’t know why I’ve never seen because he never wants to watch my movies so I can’t ever talk about them for fear of spoilers and why should I have to watch his movies if he’s never going to watch MY movies and now I hate everyone and everything BAH!!!!

Which usually means we wind up watching nothing.

Sunday night we had the added complication of DQ also being along for the watch so I was trying to find a movie she hadn’t seen which was also a movie that I wish TheMan would see but again there was no joy. Somewhere around the Hs I discovered that we had Hero, which nobody had yet seen and everybody was at least interested in. Huzzah! Sometimes watching movies at the Q house is more complicated than trying to come up with a pizza order for a group of five.

Anyway! Hero is a decent wire-fu movie with some spectacular cinematography. The film is really lyrical visually and the work with colors totally makes it worth the price of the flick. I even enjoyed the story and how it unfolded (it has to do with the first emperor of China) but the wire-fu made me giggle. There is nothing sadder that seeing an amazingly beautiful picture with exciting Kung fu that suddenly decides to ignore the laws of physics.

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