Hey-la, Hey-la, Our Bugfriend’s Back!

Whooo! Check out the new stylin bug!

Yes, we did just have them paint the hood and grille a different color. TheMan has been waxing on about getting parts of the bug painted a different color ever since his boss had the bumper of his blue bug replaced and painted green. And here we were with the perfect opportunity since they were replacing a whole bunch of the car anyway. I think it looks a little like a police car (zoom!), but cool none the less. Plus, it’s much easier to tell which black bug is ours now.

TheMan was going to do up a blog spot with more information about exactly what was replaced and all, but the total bill came out to just over 7K. He says that’s about a third of a bug right there. I told him that was most definitely true: The entire front end was replaced so we did, in fact, get one-third of a new bug. They even spiffed it up all nice and shiny in the inside, which I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while now. Say, you too can get your bug quasi detailed for just $400 (and by ramming it into a full sized truck). We’ve put what remained of the insane crane posse back on the dash and Beanie Death is kickin back in his place of dashboard prominence. All is well, and clean and stylin!

And since it is March and my mumses’s birthday month and I said I’d say nice things about my mumses every day I blogged (save JSFR days) here it goes: Nice things about my mumses!


It’s Beanie Death on his way back to his usual haunt.

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