Picto-blogging at the Sis’s House

Saturday, my sis invited all of us out for a dinner parTAY and to show off her new kitchen (I am appropriately jealous). This is the pride and joy of her kitchen: the buck ninety five light fixture. Apparently, she went light shopping and found The! Light! but so had someone else just before her. She was bummed, but the store owner said that if the first party didn’t come pick up the light, it was hers. They didn’t, she did and for about $150 she came home with a $500+ light. And another light free since they were going out of business and doing a buy one/get one deal. All hail the light!

Here’s a more representative view of the kitchen. New cupboards, new microwave, same stove, I think, new fridge (not pictured), new countertops, new sink, new paint, new floor, new new! She is very excited about her new kitchen, which she can finally actually cook something in. The old kitchen wasn’t laid out well, didn’t have enough cupboard space and was a pain to cook in. Hmmm! That’s sounding familiar.

Two out of three dogs approve of the new set up. “Can we help? Huh? Can we? Please? I want to be the one who taste tests the bacon!”

Rocky, on the other hand, was having none of the kitchen. He’s also having none of the sitting down for most of the evening. He’s a hard dog to photograph because he Will! Not! Sit! Still! (and that’s probably why I don’t have a lot of pics of him here at the booniverse). I have a lot of blurry pics of him as he wandered here and there and here again. Apparently, all the remodeling activity is making him a nervous pooch, which is also probably why he is not in the kitchen. He and Gats have been going at it hardcore lately.

I’d have a pic of Meow but she also was skittering around like a nervous thing. I did have a pic of her butt leaving the frame as she shot upstairs but I thought I’d spare you my photographic genius just this once. Hey, you got a light fixture today, don’t push it, MmmKay?

I will post this pic of Seattle, Sis’s African Gray Kentucky Fried Chicken. He wasn’t too keen on having himself photographed because he is more or less completely bald. You can’t see it very well here, but the bird ain’t got no tail feathers (or wing feathers, or back, belly or side feathers, basically anywhere he can reach he has plucked). He looks like dinner!

Sis cooked up a lovely lemon pepper chicken with mushroom wild rice and a nice pre-dinner salad. We also had pre-dinner-pre-salad munchies courtesy of my mumses. Mumses makes a mean deviled egg and a bitchin’ creamy dipping sauce (for the veggies – not the eggs). She also made a right zippy brown sauce just for me because pregnant women can’t eat soft cheeses. Huh? They can’t? And hey! Am I pregnant? News to me! I think Mumses was just trying to hurry things along, a suggestion by sauce if you will. Heh, if it just took some home made spicy sauce, I’d be the mother of 12 by now. Mmmm, spicy sauce. Where was I? Oh right. Meal.

The rice was tres tasty, especially since I got all TheMan’s mushrooms. Huzzah mushrooms! The dish reminded me a little of the tomato sauce we make as Sis saut�ed the mushrooms, added some broth and then threw in some rice and let it simmer. I might have to get the recipe from her.

Afterwards, she cracked out her new fancy cookbook (something like a Betty, but not) and we made caramel apple pudding cake (of doom). And then I exploded. Sorry about the new kitchen, Sis. I hope I cleaned off easily.

The boys played Lego Star Wars while the rest of us sat around and gabbed. At least those of us who hadn’t exploded from all the good food. Lego Star Wars is a gas! You run around as little Lego people from the Star Wars universe and do all sorts of Lego carnage. There is even the Wilhelm scream stuck in there when you smash a fighter into something. We got to hear it a lot of times. Bro-in-law isn’t the best fighter driver (although he was doing much better than I ever could. I kept getting confused as to who was controlling which ship). Bro-in-law drives a mean Yoda, however.

(BTW, Word recognizes Yoda) (Also BTW; think of the blurry pics not as a poorly snapped shot but rather as “artsy” blur. It’s hard to get a pic of a game and not disturb the players)

Just a quick pic to show you my Sis’s 1337 decorating 5ki11z. My version of curtains would contain exactly one piece: The curtain. Valence? Isn’t that an atomic thing? The room is really well put together with the colors and the curtains and the furniture. I obviously missed out of the coordination gene back in the womb – no doubt it was eliminated to make room for my photographic genius.

“I’m only lying down because *I* want to. I am a free dog!

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