Some Monday This and That

When life is teh sux0r, go shopping! Look at the pretty, pretty colors!

So this past, what…Thursday? Weekend? Whenever it was that I had to get the goddamned pills prescription filled out I was feeling very much the low. Here I was getting poked and wanded (it must have been Tuesday, actually) so they could tell me why no baby q yet and everything came out the worst but best. Namely; everything I have is in prime working order, except for a pesky high-ish (BUT NOT DIABETIC!) glucose so yay on every thing green lighting but foo that one of my levels wasn’t off. I might be happier if my estrogen was low or my P-whateverthehellitwas was high because then I’d have an answer. “Oh say, your blah-de-blah isn’t up to spec! Here’s some supplemental something or others now go have wild monkey sex!” Instead, my tests came back normal and all I got was this lousy pre-diabetic condition.

So while waiting for the script to fill I poked around the CVS in a palpable funk. A funk driven darkly funkier by my new mandate of NO SWEETIES. Do you know how many tasty sweeties a CVS stocks? Do you know how tastier they look when you can’t have them because Nurse Nagging Conscience has authoritatively just put them on the verboten list? That makes a grumpy boo grumpier so I stomped my pre-diabetic butt over to the nail polish aisle. If I couldn’t get a sweetie I was damn well going to get some funtastic polish because I was OWED (damnit).

Yes, I did feel entitled.

And no, I did not find any nail polish to sooth my disgruntled soul. What is up with the 9 million shades of some sort of pink? It’s like the Crayola 64 based entirely on the shade of red. I had no idea there were that many variations on a single color. (BTW, Word does not recognize Crayola. I think that’s because Word is basically a black/white application.) And also…Boooo-ooooring. I was looking for a nice shade of dark green, perhaps a snappy British racing green or a stylish evergreen but light pastel electric lime was as close as they were going to let me get to my nail polish goal. Fuckers.

Thus, I wound up in the stationary aisle. I love me some office supplies and lo! What could that be? A multi-pack of Sharpie (which Word does recognize. What’s that about?) markers? In colors other than the basic black, blue, red and yellow? Sign me up! Which I did because colors! Squeeee! Sadly, they had no blank white cards anywhere in the entire place so I picked up a sketch pad for a buck. TheMan and I, of course, took the markers out for a test spin and created more Blank White Cards. The “wrong food” series were finally created (bologna scone, hot fudge salad and pickles in a blanket) and a new series I call “Number out of my ass” was created. And of course, there were monkeys. There’s always room for monkeys.

As far as the weekend goes, we did about nothing other than go over to the Sis’s house, which I’ve already detailed. I did some laundry, TheMan worked on the condo, we did some house stuff and we played some WoW. There, you are caught up for the entire weekend. Don’t you wish you had our life?

I’m home today with the shivering ill so maybe my judgment of what is fun and what is not is slightly clouded. I can tell you that waking up at 3am and going upstairs with Mssr. Bucket is not fun. Sleeping like the dead may be fun, but only because by doing so, one is not aware of their rebellious stomach. Feh. I hate being sick.

Two out of two cats agree that salmon leftovers fall under the category of “fun”.

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