Sloth and The Onion

I’d lay out a wonderful weekend recap for you but we did a whole lot of nothing for three days solid. The one thing I did manage to do was wolf down an entire onion in one sitting, so that’s telling you something right there. I’ve got sloth nailed, babE!

Sadly, that is the truth of the matter. Friday we stayed up to watch the Friday night line up which went: Stargate: SG-1 – Dude, that sucks. Stargate: Atlantis – Huh. Meh. Battlestar Galactica – HOLY FRACKIN HELLS! Clearly BSG was the winner by a mind blowing parsec. They blew up Cloud Nine! Cloud Nine! Wah! That was the only ship I could readily identify by name since the addition of the Battlestar Pegasus and they blew it up! Now all I have is “Oooo! Look it’s…ahhh…one of the battleships. Hell if I know which one, they all look alike to me.” (yeah, I know. How insensitive of me) or “Hey! Pizza ship!” and finally “Spinny top looking ship!”. I liked that I could see Cloud Nine on the screen and say “Hey! Cloud nine!” and be right. Now I got nothin.

We played no WoW on Saturday. We did a whole pile of nothing on Saturday save sleep in and then make and eat an exhausting bagel and egg sammich that warranted a nap afterwards. We got up in time for dinner, though. I blame the Sick that TheMan suffered last week for our basic state of lethargy. I myself wasn’t feeling tip top Friday or Saturday and TheMan was still recovering and since we both napped like the dead I think perhaps we needed the rest. That did mean that we got bupkis done on Saturday. Meh.

Oh right, we did get out for a spat of shopping and found that the weather had turned exquisitely lovely. TheMan even popped the sun roof and we went chugging along in the cool comfort of the outside breezes. That was pretty rad, actually. I did the usual food shopping, and I’d like to take a moment to ask how my simple three item list turned into a 17 item monstrosity? I hate when I think I have everything all thought out and then on the way to the store I think of a bazillion other things. I did stay right around the allotted $50 though. Whoooo! TheMan picked up some slippers and went to cash in his Border’s gift certificate. Then we went home and did something which I can’t remember. Did we have dinner? Could be.

Sunday we at least didn’t sleep most of the day but we might as well have for the amount of Warcraft we played. I don’t even want to talk about it, save that I have officially lost my license to razz my crazy leveling coworker. Damn, that was a fun part of my work week right there. TheMan at least took a break around dinner time and made chili (which was the best chili he’s ever made to date) but I kept on chugging. My baby pally aint so baby anymore! Then long about eleven, I got the munchies so I made cheesy onion cracker things; or the best appetizers ever on the face of the earth. I love those things! You basically take an onion, or onions (depending on how many crackers you want to make), throw in a bunch of canned parmesan cheese and glue it together with mayo/Miracle whip. There might be horseradish in there too, but we didn’t have any that hadn’t expired so there wasn’t any in my almost midnight snack. Anyway, spread the spread on the crackers and broil the beejeebus out of it until the tops turn toasty brown. Yum.

I made up a one onion batch, covered nine crackers (and you will want to cover the crackers because otherwise they will burn in the oven) and ate all of them. That’s a whole onion, gobbled up, yum. I bet y’all wish you were TheMan last night, eh? SeXXXay!

Cheesy onion crackers hold a special place in my heart because they were occasionally part of the Bridge Group Snack Stuff, most of which the sis and I were not allowed to touch (which, of course, doesn’t mean that we didn’t sneak a few snacks here and there. Never trust a grade schooler who wants to help set up a bridge thing. “I’ll put the bowls of M&Ms on the tables, mom!”). Once a month or so, the rents would host a bridge group thing and they’d get all the tables out, get the cards all snazzy in the bridge things (I always liked that part of the set up: putting together the bridge card whatsits. I think that’s where I learned how to shuffle a deck of cards all interlaced and bridged. Heh) and get out The Snacks. Ahhh, The Snacks. Mumses kept a pretty close eye on the bowls of nuts and candies but the cheesy onion crackers were a different story. Mumses would let us help (re: do the cracker spreading) with the prep and then have us watch the crackers in the oven while she went and did other things. We’d yell when they were toasty brown and often times were rewarded with a cheesy onion cracker or two. Yumm-ummm!

It’s a mean and really simple recipe and goes great with Warcraft. Heh.

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