To Spring or Not to Spring

Crocus: Strapping scouts of spring or dumbass flowers that bloom too early? Discuss.

Lookie look! My crocuses are up! At least the red and yellow striped ones are…I think there were three kinds all together but only one has, so far, poked its head out of the ground. Poor fellas will probably be thinking twice about that maneuver by the end of the day seeings as it was snowing when we left work. I took a peek at them before hopping into the bug and they have tightened up their buds and hunkered down as best as they can. Maybe I’ll get a nice snow pic of them later on.

Which reminds me of today’s installment of “Say nice things about my mumses”. Back when we lived in the old old house there was some sort of tree planted in the back yard with one of those dirt rounds at the base where you are supposed to put cedar chips or ground cover or whatever. My mumses chose to plant crocus all around the base of the tree and every year they were the first thing to sprout and bloom. I always looked forward to when they would poke their little white, purple and yellow selves out of the ground and start blooming like there was no tomorrow. YAY crocus!

Today’s just going to be bits and thoughts so say hello to a SAST.

Yesterday wasn’t such a good day for TheMan. I think it may have started when we walked out in the Monday morning deluge (which was just a continuation of the Sunday nigh deluge, which was a hold over from the Sunday day deluge which was still partying from the Saturday night deluge) and discovered the sunroof of the bug was open. Remember when I wrote about the deliciously mild Saturday evening weather and how we jauntily opened the sun roof to let the warm air in? We also mused that since it was the first opening of the roof, we’d probably forget to close it once we got home. We were not amused when we stepped out to find we had indeed forgotten totally about our window to the breezes. It was decidedly moist driving in.

TheMan went soggily to his work where he fought the not so good fight all day with the server. Or some software. Or both. Really, sometimes TheMan talks completely Greek to me when he’s explaining why this software or that hardware is doing whatever it is doing. Or in this case, not doing. Whatever. The issue at hand was having a downright stubborn crank and TheMan had to leave it festering in its righteous pissitude around six in order to get to the condo while there was still light. He is in the middle of a stove project and wanted to finish it off. And he totally would have if he had not forgotten his condo keys at home, which he found out about when he got to the door and realized the only key in his possession was our house key. Not so conducive to condo work that.

So my man came home all grump-cranky and told me about his day, to which I thought “Man, I’ve had days JUST like that. What can I do for him to help ease his crank?” TheMan likes to geek out so I offered up my lap top for him to nerdle about on while I went and got dinner together. I also poured him a nice glass of wine, which at first was going to be beer (sometimes a nice tall frosty one is just the thing to take the edge off a frustrating day) but for the fact that we were out of any such critter. We were also out of gin and or vodka so I didn’t get him a martini either. Poor fella had to settle for third choice, which kind of fit his day. Then I thought about how fifties this was all getting with the “newspaper” (computer), after dinner drink and the wifey getting dinner ready. The only thing missing was for me to fetch his slippers.

Which I actually could do, now that he has a new shiny pair of slippers. So I did! Heh. It takes so little to amuse me sometimes. And also, I’m sure the 50s housewife knew exactly where her husband’s slippers were and didn’t have to go scouring the house looking for where the husband had shucked them when he was last wearing them. All in all, I think TheMan’s evening was much more pleasant that the whole rest of his day. Huzzah me! And Huzzah wine and slippers!

Given the following exchange, what would be the correct interpretation:

TheMan: I’m thirsty, but I’m also terribly sleepy.
boo: I’ll get some water. I’m thirsty as well and I’m closer to the door.
TheMan: Oh! Here’s a glass (takes said glass from nightstand and hands it over).

Now the observant boo would note the “getting water” motif paired with the “Here’s a glass” clause and decide that said glass could be used for the holding and transporting of water. After all, why mention the glass in that context if it couldn’t also be reused for the evening’s water? The observant boo would also take a drink or two out of the newly filled glass before handing it off so that TheMan could drink to his heart’s content and not have to worry about saving any for his wife. However, the observant boo was not really prepared for TheMan to utter “Is this the same glass? You filled it with water? I have no idea how long that’s been sitting on my nightstand. Yuck” Apparently, the above exchange really meant, “While you are getting me a nice fresh glass of water, could you take this nasty glass that has been sitting on my nightstand since the dawn of creation, gathering all sorts of schmutz and drop it off in the kitchen? Thanks!”

Yuck indeed.

The giant Magic card project of doom has only progressed as far as getting all the black cards sorted tournament style (only four of any one card) and placing them in a binder and getting all the specialty land cards sorted and ordered. The extra black cards from the tournament sort got shuffled off into a box which we will, no doubt, put someplace important. The white cards are still sorted but not yet entered in the database and still on our coffee table. As are the unsorted reds, blues, greens, and tans. Hrrrm. Anyway, while boxing and foldering the black cards I came across one of my faves.

Lovely Eater of the Dead. Eaters were part of my black/white deck designed to frustrate an opponent. The deck’s purpose was to take the other guy’s critters out of the game, either by completely eliminating them from play (which the Eaters did very nicely. The instructions basically mean that you can use Eaters, and then ready them for use again a phase early by removing a creature that was in the discard pile. Of course, usually not my discard pile), or by taking them over and using them on my side. I preferred the first option, usually using the Eaters to kill off a critter and then immediately “eating” the critter out of the game in order to get a free action for the Eaters. You’d be surprised at how cranky an opponent gets after the seventh or eighth time of killing and eating their cards.

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