My Ides, My Ides!

If my mumses were Caesar, I bet Brutus would have to have more than just his co-conspirators to take her down. Mumses is one strong willed lady!

Et tu Brute?

Happy ides of March, everyone. Apparently yesterday was pie day (Et tu pie-te?) but no one bothered to tell me. WAH! I totally missed out on pie day! PIEEEEEE!

On a somewhat related note, while we were having our obnoxious WoW marathon (which we have not touched since ODing) one of the quests had us flying about the hills looking for pig parts. Not just any pig parts, but special pie making pig parts. I guess the NPC knows how rarely the pigs actually drop the pie part so they see a sucker PC and send them out to gather pie bits. It takes forever. It took so long that I was shouting “PIE! every time I saw a pig on the screen. You! Pie! Get over here and die on my blade. I suppose you could say that I celebrated pie day a couple days early, but only virtually. Virtual pie kinda sucks.

Et tune Brute?

We’ve been watching a lot of Law & Order (because we aren’t playing WoW) and I just have to say to TNT and whatever the other L&O channel is (because obviously one network playing back to back daily L&O shows is just not enough) diversify your commercials! If I have to see that “I just got a promotion” / “Well *I* just got direct TV” / “But *I* have a corner office” commercial One! More! Time! I’m going to stomp right onto the set with both a corner office and a satellite dish and beat everyone senseless. The other hazard of the three commercial rotation is that I have the Sounds Like Dave Matthews Band tune from the Chase Manhatten commercial and that Enya wanna be tune from some cruise line commercial permanently wedged in my plork. You ever see one of those old ATMs where the screen is so burnt out you can read the welcome screen even when the unit is unplugged? That’s my gray matter right there, except singing (I’m 22 for a moment/She feels better than ever/And we’re on fire/Making our way back from Mars). They will not leave my head! Send help.

BTW, the song is 100 Years and by a group called Five for Fighting, but damned if they don’t sound exACTly like DMB, the good years.

Et whew Brute
The Magic card project proceeds apace. Last night we hunkered down and got all the white cards entered into the data base and stuffed them into a folder. With just 2 colors entered, we have 2700 cards. There are four more colors. I also thought I might just whip up a macro sort of the green cards, nothing big – you know, kind of like sorting a deck of cards into diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs. I was up until 1am. People, that just isn’t right! We still don’t have our coffee table back and I think it’ll take, all said and done, about five hours per color. That aint right!

I wonder if Magic cards burn with a pretty flame like wrapping paper does.

Et to fruit-te
So far, I’m not doing so well on the eat healthier damnit initiative, although I’m not doing bad. I’ve been getting my one serving, at least, of veggies in and have nicely cut down on the sweeties (grumblegrumble) but the fruit? Eh, the fruit. I just ate Monday’s fruit today if that tells you anything. It was a whole grapefruit though, so I should be set until Thanksgiving. Ugh. Whole grapefruit. I ate it like an orange too, which always makes it seem twice the size it is if you eat one halved and with all the sections cut out.

Speaking of initiatives (but not necessarily fruit), we went out to eat at Yotsuba’s last night and it was mighty fine. MmmmMmmm! I think the whole limiting ones self to only eating out twice or so a month makes the times when you do eat out extra happy special. It was some of the most satisfying sushi I’ve had.

Et ew Brute
What’s worse than coming home to find that the cats have puked on the bed? Waking up the next morning and realizing that some time in the past the cats had puked on the bed…and you didn’t catch it. Not only that, I couldn’t find it. We have AWOL puke! I think they had themselves a ready made hot meal so we didn’t notice the large ball of gooey cat food, since it was re-eaten. What I did see, first thing in the morning as my eyeballs peeled open, was the crusty remains of a puke episode all stuck on the blanket. Yuck.

Et tu Boote

Boo as in Boo hiss, or what one might say to the screen when watching Smithee worthy movies. Yeah, it’s a stretch but just go with the flow, MmmKay? Anyway, I’ve been planning for a while to go downstairs and haul out the Super Secret Promotions Ninja Smithee Supplies and start that ball rolling. I have buttons to inventory, SLM puppets to make, paper to organize and pens to test. Right now, all I can say is that everything, more or less, is safely contained in the basement. However, the basement wont fit in the back of the bug so I gotta do a little prep work and get it all organized. Maybe tonight I’ll drag some laundry down and check out the Ninja Supplies. I might even work out!

Nah, that’d be pushing it.

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