The Forgetting of the Green

This would have been a picture of a beautiful spread of St. Patrick’s day sugar cookies…possibly frosted in green, maybe just sprinkled with green sugar on white frosting (assuming I posses green sprinkles somewhere) if I had actually made sugar cookies like I planned to. Alas, I did not make any cookies so a pic of the cutter will have to do. At least now I know that I have a shamrock cookie cutter and that’s half the battle of making St. Patty’s day cut out cookies. Apparently, making the dough is the other half, a task I was not up for. Let’s just say that I’m letting the cookie cutter rest up for next year. Yeah, that makes me sound less lazy and more compassionate.

In reality, I wasn’t lazy in the grand scheme of things (although I did not get the dishes done again, which was why there were no cookies. In order to roll them out, I need the big cutting board but the big cutting board was dirty and the sink was full of dishes, which I wasn’t doing, which meant I had no room to clean the big cutting board. So! No cleared sink means no clean board which leads to no cookies. Sad), I just diverted my energy elsewhere. TheMan and I wound up spending most of our night sorting, cataloging and organizing the green Magic cards. Huzzah! That’s what now…three colors? And take a look at that foreshadowing…green cards!

That’s about as green as it got for me. I even forgot to wear anything green today so I was a pretty lame celebrator. (But again with the timely, guess who wore their green fuzzy shirt the day before St. Patrick’s Day. Yup. I contend that I was celebrating real time. After all…isn’t it technically St. Patrick’s day in Ireland sometime around 7pm here?) I did rectify my non green situation by grabbing a green highlighter and tracing a bright lime colored shamrock on the back of my hand. Desperate times call for desperate highlighters.

The day spawned all sorts of crazies on campus(es). People were wandering all over the street in a liquor induced haze, and one chick was reported dancing wildly to music of uncertain origin. Copier Guy’s words, not mine. I also heard about a group of fellas who thought it might be fun to dangle their friend down the large light well. I’m not sure what they were trying to do (as they were long gone by the time the police showed up), but being suspended upsidown over a three story slide by your none to sober buds can only lead to one of three things: Nothing (which was what happened), shaking the puke out of the dangler and down the windows (which was probably the intent of the venture) or dropping the dangler down the three story slide…with or without a puke lubricant. Wouldn’t THAT be an interesting watch from the inside?

Then it was time to blow this popsicle stand and head on home via the grocery store. Baby needed meat and beer! Or rather, we had to pick up a pork roast for Saturday so we could marinate it over night and…well…beer! I think beer speaks for itself. We celebrated in fine Irish tradition with oven pizzas and beer (root beer for my person, Sierra Nevada for TheMan. At least Sierra Nevada has a green label). Yeah, I think we completely missed just about every St. Patty’s boat this year. I’m sorry Ireland…we’re really lame. I bet my mumses wore something green, she’s pretty hip to these clothes color kind of days. Can I coat tail on my mumses’s holiday fashion sense? Isn’t there some sort of legacy thing going on where the daughter gets a “get out of lame holiday spirit free” card if the mother owns just about every color shirt known to man?

Next year! I’ve got my cookie cutter on a high calorie, restricted activity regime. It should be rested and primed for some serious cookie cutting in about 360+ days.

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