Japanese Snack Food Review: Mandarin Orange Float Drink


First off, two caveats. I’m not the usual reviewer here… I’m her husband. Second caveat, this particular beverage is Korean, not Japanese. We’ve mentioned in the very first review that we do honorary JSFR, but I want to be very clear about this before someone spends a lot of time and effort getting into a huff about this.


The full name of this particular beverage is “Mandarin Orange Float Drink with its own pulp.” The full name is quite important. If you take a look at the close-up photo of the drink you can see the pulp floating on the top. Some people may find this disturbing. The taste, though, is pretty darn impressive.

If you’ve ever had canned fuit cocktail, there’s little mandarin orange bits in there. This drink tastes exactly like those. Just liquid. Ok, semi-liquid. It’s got a sweet, strong orange flavor with a nice aromatic nose to it. The pulp at the top adds texture and weight to what would otherwise be a somewhat light syrup.

The can for this is a bit on the small side, but it is easy to open, which is a nice contrast to the vacuum packed cans of Hello Boss. The top pops open without prying your fingernail off. Normally, that’s not something you’d even bother reporting, but given how tough the other cans were to open, it’s worth praising the ease of this one.

Boo claims there’s a faint chemical flavor while drinking, but I didn’t notice that. There is a slight aftertaste, but if it’s chemical, it’s a chemical that tastes like oranges.

Overall, this is a tasty sweet non-carbonated orange drink with natural juice. I’m giving it a rating

of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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