I heart Sam’s club just about as much as I HATE! Sam’s club. Sunday, we discovered that they closed at 6 when we rolled up to the doors slightly after the hour. HATE! But just a mild HATE because hey, it was Sunday after all. Lots of places have limited Sunday hours, although I might point out to Sam’s Club that Meijers just down the road is open 24/7 and Meijers does bulk as well. I’m just sayin.

Anyway, we returned after work yesterday to pick up “Sam’s Club Items” or crap for cheap that you don’t mind having in bulk. Like Zantak. You can get the mega bottle of Zantak for just under $20, a savings of about $5 maybe $10 dollars. Plus, you can get it in the bazillion fifty pills bottle, which means you don’t have to get a “refill” for years. If only my regular prescriptions worked like that but noooo-oooo. My HMO doesn’t trust me with my meds past 30 days. 30 days?!?!! 8 of 12 months have more than 30 days! I can’t even go a whole month 75% of the time before I have to refill my crap. Zantak on the other hand, I’m good for until I’m old and drooly. I heart Sam’s Club!

We also went to pick up a couple of those lock together squishy floor mat things (which they had last trip out), a cheapy desk chair (which they also had last trip out) and hot cocoa in the industrial 50 gallon drum size. Hey, I don’t like to have to keep coming back for hot cocoa…you know?

Wala! And here they are!

HATE!!! I know, I know, I’ve been shopping at Sam’s Club since before it was Sam’s Club (Pace Warehouse for you trivia buffs) and it’s always been like that. They pioneered the expression “Strike while the iron’s hot”. I think they also invented those slidy 3×3 puzzle things where you only have 8 tile things in the grid and you have to rearrange them to make a picture. Stuff is moving everywhere in that store all the time and how they figure out where everything went is beyond me. We were shopping in the “soy sauce and other related saucy things” aisle which, granted, was very well organized among the stuff that was out and about, but the bundled pallet directly above the sauces of different origin sported shampoo. Shampoo has never been anywhere near saucy things so I don’t know why the overstock took roost there. But it did, and that’s not an uncommon sight. The shifting sands of merchandise gets a rousing round of HATE! but the weird juxtaposition of overstock greatly amuses me.

And finally, you can never come out of that place with just what you went in for. Never. I don’t care who you are, it can’t be done. Inevitably there will be something you need or something you want or something you must have and you will have to pick it up. Today I have new shoes.

(TheMan has been taking to calling my new sandals “Fussbudget shoes”)

Now, it is true that I needed new Birks and I *think* these are Birks (I get the impression they are a sub company of the parent Birkinstock company) but did I put “Birks” on the list when I went in? Nope. Did I get a $40 pair of Birkinstock sandals yesterday? Yup. You just can’t get Birks for $40. You can’t even get them repaired for $40. That’s…insane.

I did not need a whole pack more of these but they wound up in the basket anyway.


That’s 24! different! colors of Sharpies!!! Peach and tangerine? But ofCOURSE I had to get them. Teal! Aqua! PLUM! There are Sharpie colors here that I’ve never even dreamed of! Take a look!


Also, did you know that Sharpie is a subsidiary of Rubbermaid? I had no idea.

Sam’s shopping aside, I also scored a pedometer at work yesterday. There happened to be extra, I happened to be in the right place and snagged one. I’m going to wear it for a while and see what my average steps per work day is (mostly because at the moment I’m too lazy to calibrate it for distance). Maybe that will clue me in to being more active. Who knows, but I have a new gadget toy!

Lastly, I have FINALLY (and quite accidentally) found a solution to a very vexing problem. Huzzah! We have two competing vendors here and each has a bevy of promotional stuff as well as functional stuff they keep in a small (small!) storage area. One of the functional things they store is toner for the bevy of printers they have and of course they have multiple printer series (all HPs, thankfully! That is a recent development. HALLELUIAH!) and each different series takes a different toner. It’s a pain. However, one of the vendors keeps getting toner in for an HP5si model printer, which we haven’t had in the building for over two years. During those two years, about once a month when a 5si toner arrives, I tell the vender rep “Hey! We don’t have a 5si printer” and the toner gets set aside. Then it gets put back in the storage area with the other toners and everyone gets confused (because it’s packaged similarly to a toner for a machine we do have) so I pull it out and it gets put back in and TWO YEARS!!!

You might say to yourself “Why doesn’t the rep cancel the order?” and that is an excellent question. She really would like to cancel the order, but it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in their system. According to the home office, we aren’t getting any 5si toner and haven’t gotten any for more than a year. The big ol’ boxes in the storage area that say 5si beg to differ. Last week we got another one in (like clockwork! This is beginning to sound very sorcerer’s apprentice like) and I grumped about it (because I always do) until I huffed back to my office and laid eyes on my new network printer. My old HP4si bit it about a month ago and they upgraded me to the next model they had lying around. Which was an HP5si. WHOOOOOOOOOO! Two and Two makes NO MORE PAIN IN THE ASS!

Bitch just comes in and takes over MY basement. I will so rip her.

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