If I Were Still Using Song Titles, This Would Be More Catchy

The creativity is at a low ebb it seems, at least for figuring out blog titles.

SMITHEE STUFF!! Well then! Yesterday, TheMan-whom I love deeply, dearly and with all my heart – designed up the two harder buttons in the promotions pile. We typically (typically defined as “started last year because I had a bug up my butt about promotions”) do four kinds of buttons: The trashcan, a SLM, a Quote and…I guess a ninja. OK, it’s only a tradition in its infancy but last year was the Roller-skating Ninja Brigade and this year also follows a ninja theme. I have three more ninja themes and then I’m out. If I happen to count Kung Fu monks as ninjas, then I can skate (hee!) through four years but after that, I’m scrambling. Come on ninjas, do something silly!

I also ordered button parts this morning so I’m feeling on top of the Promotions Ninja thing (la-la-la-la!). I think I’ll cut out the sock puppet bodies…which actually they sort of aren’t this year (the design was too hard to do in socks, so this year we have hand puppets) but on the plus side, all I have to do is cut out a head, felt eyes and hands, sew the hands into the puppet bodies, glue the eyes onto the heads and then the heads onto the bodies and wala! Simplest puppets ever (in the three year tradition of making puppets). I’ll feel really good about things if I get the bodies cut out and maybe the heads prepped. I’m going to also have to do some spray painting of said heads…from skull cow white pleather to more appropriate gray (hee!) colored pleather. I think I can manage that. Whooo! Look at me, all catchin’ up on the Promotions Ninja slacking.

In not Smithee news, I saw the A2 Film Festival last night, or at least the Thursday installment of the A2FF, and I have to give a big Huzzah-y shout to the film choices this year! I’ve been going to this thing on and off with my college bud Sean for a number of years and it’s always been…well…interesting. Not interesting in that cool, wow, that was the AWESOMEST! THING! EVER! way but interesting in that “Huh, well that was intriguing” kind of way. Usually there are several film offerings (last night there were 10) ranging from about a minute to 45 minutes plus. Oi. 45 minutes. Whenever I see that there will be several longer films (i.e. anything more than 10 minutes) I always get anticipatory mental hives. On a good day, I get antsy fast when I’m bored and indie films really are a crap shoot when it comes to whether I like them or not. Of course, not all long films make me want to peel back my brain pan so my plork can make a run for it, but it is my experience that these sorts of films could really benefit from a little known technique we film majors like to call “editing”. I’m thinking of you Mr. film about a creepy old dude that walks slowly towards an unmoving camera set in the back stage wing of a theater and then walks back for twenty goddamn minutes. That’s 15 minutes of my life I’m not getting back, allowing that I’d even sit through 5 minutes of that film.

Granted, most of them are not that bad, but it just takes one creepy walking backstage old guy to make me squirm when the big time hitters appear on the screen. You’ll know they are coming too because before the show and between every film they throw up the slide that has the titles, times and film makers. Last night, when the slide of films came up, I blanched when I discovered half the films were in the longer than 10 minute category (but thankfully, no half hour monstrosities. I think the first film was the big hitter clocking in at 24 minutes while the next closest time was 18ish). I was already feeling antsy before the show and then to discover that at least 5 of the movies were over 10 minutes long? This could only spell disaster.

Or, it could spell a really nice evening of appreciating ‘off the main drag’ film. I have no idea why there was so much of a difference in films this year but I enjoyed all the ones they showed and not one of them was overly long. In the past years, I’ve liked one or two films quite a lot, been intrigued by maybe 50% of the rest, meh about the bottom 25% and completely and utterly bored/disappointed/disgusted/baffled by the remaining few. Usually the remaining few are the long ones too, so it seems like I wind up watching more crappy indie film than interesting or really cool indie film. Last night’s line up had only one entry which didn’t really tickle my viewing fancy, save that it was made with some interesting film techniques, but then again, it was only a shy 5 minutes long and that I can sit through for some experimental filming techniques. Another film I completely didn’t get, but I was so lost in how they did the stop motion animation that I completely biffed paying attention to the story. I’m not sure that is a ringing endorsement of the film, but it kept me entertained. Another short flick (3 minutes) played around with film expectations which is kind of neat to sit through but not for any length of time longer than what the film was. Nice!

If they keep up this level of good film, I may actually start looking forward to the longer films next time. Remember: Just say no to creepy creeping backstage old guys!

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