Saving The Grandmas One Black Jellybean At A Time

Wow (the expression), I can not believe how lazy a weekend we had. I thought last weekend took the cake for slothatude but I think we topped ourselves. The only way we could have done less is if we were dead. Truly.

Things we did accomplish included getting our WoW (the game) characters up a level or two and some just plain silly goofing around in game. For some reason, we decided to see if we could sneak a bunch of characters through a dungeon because everyone had some form of sneak ability. I think the reason was “because we could!” which is sometimes an innovative approach to a situation but often times not so much. With us, it was sort of in-between. I wanted to see if we could bypass the entire cadre of NPCs and land up in the lap (surprise!) of the boss big bad, which was really the only thing we needed out of the whole dungeon. I think that’s called “cheating”, but I rather like the expression “innovative thinking” a little more. Regardless, it only worked about 80% of the time so it was sort of a bust for sneaking all the way through but fun none the less since it was a different way of completing the dungeon.

Plus, we had fun sneaking around.

I also cooked up a batch of Easter themed cookies for the grandmas Friday night so I could mail them out Saturday (check this out: Our post office is open until 4! on Saturdays. Crazy! And also very cool if you happen to bake cookies on Friday and are not so much the early riser). Sadly, the baking was as far as I got and the packages didn’t go out because…see above. Lazy.

Did it snow on Saturday?

Sunday we went out and saw….a MOVIE! In the theater! Call the press! And also, what’s with the exclamation points? Today is peppered with them. Huh. Anyway, we checked out V for Vendetta at the local Quality 16 and I’m hereby giving it many thumbs up. I need to keep a handy stock of thumbs, methinks, if I’m going to be giving more than two for a film. I’d say this was at least a five thumb movie. Any movie where you get to see big buildings blown up gets at least part of a thumb and this one had two big buildings go boom. I’m not sure if that’s a thumb part for each building or whether two thumb parts makes a whole thumb. How many parts can you cut a thumb up into anyway and still have each part have some sort of significant meaning? Hrrrm! Back on movie topic, I was very impressed with Hugo Weaving’s (V) acting since the guy had a mask on for the entire movie, yet I kept forgetting that fact watching the flick. He’s got some dynamite body acting 5k1llz going on there. It’s a good action flick (and buildings go boom most spectacularly).

Remember folks, only three more shopping days until my mumses’s birthday. Sadly, she is in New Orleans for the rest of the month so we can’t get together on the actual day. Also, I forgot to mention mumses in the last post or the post before so I’m doing double duty here.


Crocus! Check this out: Purple crocuses are coming up just in time for my mumses’s birthday. My flowers love my mumses!

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