Lame Tuesday Meme

Nothing really here, just a meme thing to fill in the space.


Relationship Status: Mmmm, happily married to TheMan.

Shoe size : 10.5 Mens. I very rarely find women’s shoes in my size that I’ll wear, which is murder when I have to find dress shoes. Why is it that they assume a size 12 woman just has to have 3 inch spiked heels?

Parents still together? Nope.

Siblings: Yup. One sis, a brother in law and a sister in law.

Pets: Yup. Two weirdo cats; Vande and Isaak.


Color: Blue or black. Today it is black.

Number: Errrr…I sort of like prime numbers but I don’t have a favorite pick lucky number of doom.

Animal: Vegetable or mineral? Heh. Hmmmm. Domestic would be cats, wild maybe dolphins or elephants. Possibly orcas. They can appear anywhere you know!

Book:. The Count of Monte Cristo is a very good read.

Flower: Crocus! I also like lilacs, but that’s more because I love the way they smell.


Twirl your hair? I can be found twirling my hair in the evenings when I am lazing on the couch. Other than that? No. Short hair is hard to twirl right.

Have tattoos? Nope.

Cheat on tests? Not the last few I’ve taken, which would be my drivers license test about two or three years ago. Not much call for testing in my life I suppose. OH! I had a blood test and I didn’t cheat on that, does that count?

Like roller coasters? If they aren’t all up and down, yes. I can not stomach (heh) the hills.


Wish you could live somewhere else? Eventually.

Write in cursive or print? Print most of the time, albeit a weird quasi connected print. Some letters just have to join up with other letters. Take the letter T, it’s a very lonely letter (the lower case T. Upper case T could give a rip really) and usually gloms onto its neighbor.

Own a cell phone? Nope.

Current clothing: I’m blue today. I actually match, which was sort of accidentally planned. I have my dusty blue shirt thing on, light blue blue jeans and my blue fat socks. My undies do not go with the whole blue flow of things, although they do match each other.

Current hair: Short and in need of a hair cut. Eventually. Someday. Before the Smithees I’ll get it chopped but as of yesterday it has reached the second stage of long where it finally does what I want it to do (which is different from what I want it to do when it’s short, but still acceptable ito hair “styling”).

Current thing I ought to be doing: Probably anything else but this.

Current CD in stereo: Oh. I have no idea. Last thing I listened to was…ahhh…Matchbox 20, Erasure, U2 and something else. That was about a month ago, they are still in the changer.

Last movie you saw: V for Vendetta!

Last thing you ate: Lunch.

Life on other planets? Yup.

Do you hate yourself? Nope. Sometimes I’m disappointed in myself but all in all you gotta work with what you have and hating isn’t so much the working.

Collect anything? Yup. Books, CDs, DVDs, elephants (stuffed and figurine, not real ones) and probably other things too.


A daydreamer: Yup.

Sarcastic: Oh yeah.

Shy: In large crowds.

Talkative: Heh. What do you think?


Information! Oh wait…

Where do you want to live: Hrm. Dunno. I’m content here but it’d be cool to live somewhere more rural.

How many kids do you want: Two. One to keep the other company but not so many that you can’t pick them all up and dunk them at once.

What kind of job do you want: Mother would be nice. Anything that lets me do nothing and pays me oodles of money would also be nice.

Do you want to get married: Not again! (unless it was to TheMan and that would be pointless and expensive since we’re ALREADY MARRIED!)


Nervous Habits: I pick at my fingernails.

Are you double jointed? Errr…mmmmaybe?

Can you roll your tongue? Side to side and front to back. On a good day I can do both simultaneously.

Can you raise one eyebrow? Yup.

Can you cross your eyes? Yeah, but I don’t like to. My eyes don’t line up well to begin with and it sort of freaks me out to be doing that to them on purpose.

Do you make your bed daily? Ahhh…well not on the traditional sense of making the bed where you pull the covers all tight and neat and do the pillow tuck thing. What I do is mostly cover the pillows with the blankets so the cats don’t sleep on them while we’re at work. Little buggers will walk a mile to sleep on an exposed pillow and I do not like sleeping where cat asses have been napping.


Which shoe goes on first: Mostly the right one, although if the left one is closer I’ve been known to dive into that one first.

Ever thrown one at someone: Shoe? Probably. OH! Yes, definitely. I forgot the trip to Tucson when my dad snored so loudly we had to chuck shoes at him to get him to shut up. It worked for a half hour and then he’d be at it again but louder. We had a lot of shoes, nobody got any sleep.

How much money do you carry in your wallet: None. Any money I usually have in my wallet gets spent. No money? No spendy. It’s a bank account preservation thing.


Bought something: No. It’s the end of March and I have bought absolutely nothing. In fact, we purchased a goat just for this question in February so we would at least have fresh milk all month long.

Gotten sick: Yup.

Sang: Just today I sang the “Good morning to you” song (remember that from way back in kindergarten?) to some coworkers.

Felt stupid: Ayup.

Missed someone: Yeah.

Gotten your hair cut: See above.

Watched cartoons: Errrmmm, I’m going to have to go with no on this, but if I’m lying it’s one of omission.

Lied: Probably.


Slept in your bed: TheMan. I folded laundry while he was “getting out of bed” and wound up stacking his undies on top of him. I think he took this as a sign to snooze because I went to deal with the kettle and came back to find him out like a light with a stack of underwear still perched on his person.

Saw you cry: TheMan.

Made you cry: Prolly my stupid womanly monthly hormonal crap.

Saw a movie with you: TheMan and DQ


Been to California: Yup. One of my best vacations.

Been to Canada: I’d give a rousing Duhhhh here, living but 50 miles (?) from the border, but I know someone who had lived their whole life in and abouts the area(ish) and had never set foot out of the state so… but for me, yeah. More times than I can count on my toes and all my relatives toes. At least the ones I still speak to.

Wished you were the opposite sex: Only out of curiosity, never for any length of time.

Snuck out of the house: Errr…I don’t know. Certainly now a days I’d say no because it’s my house. I leave my house, not sneak out of it.

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