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I’m feeling really laid back this morning, possibly because I’m yet again caffeine’s bitch – having partaken of the wake-up juice somewhat extensively this weekend – and haven’t figured out that my state of happy ennui is most likely just the last desperate stages of withdrawal. Yesterday I was dragging, complete with killer headache which fits the classic second day lack of caffeine symptoms. I prefer to live in denial and blame the weather. We can all dream yes?

Being all laid back, or vestigially withdrawn for those who must pick the knit, I really don’t have the energy to be all blather like with any sense of coherency. So! I guess you’re in for an SAST today (which TheMan says as “sasstie”, which makes me think of Escanaba in da Moonlight (Word recognizes Escanaba??) and ol’ Jimmer.). Let’s see. Oh! Right. Pedometer!

I’ve been walking around for about a week now with my trusty new pedometer and I have to say, that thing is remarkably resilient, and on crack. I have lost track the number of times I’ve either gone to the can and flung said pedometer off into the distant horizon by simply getting ready to do my business (I guess I have this sort of pants pulling down procedure which involves whooshing by the spot where the pedometer goes, accidentally hooking it and sending it flying. I’d move the pedometer, but the most comfortable spot that I’ve found for it is also the spot where I keep hooking it with my hands. Figures) or my coat inches its elastic self up until it grabs the pedometer off my belt without my knowing, then when I take my coat off the pedometer gets launched onto the floor all FREEDOM!

My first day of pedding, I logged 8000 steps (which is whatever in miles. I haven’t calibrated it. Yet. Working on it!). 8000 steps! That’s just shy of 10,000 steps and 10,000 steps has got to translate into something wicked cool, like 10 miles or a mini-marathon or the running part of a triathlon. Well, it seems like it ought to anyway. I was so very pleased with my 8000 steps because 8000 steps is quite a lot of steppage and I felt rather not so sloth like with my just shy of 10,000 stepping. I stepped another 8000 steps the next day and the next and I was styling until I had the pedometer on one morning and walked into the bedroom and back. I looked down at the display and saw that it read 40 steps. 40? I don’t think there are 40 steps from one end of the house to the other and somehow I managed 40 steps in the very short distance between one room and the other. I have no idea what that was about, but suddenly, my 8000 steps were seeming mighty puny. Less marathony and more around the blocky if you will. Foo.

I also seem to get about 5 steps when I’m putting on my right boot, but I think that balances out the no steps it logs when I go up stairs. Obviously I’m still in the adjusting phases of wearing the thing.

Speaking of good for you things, or rather good for me things, my endeavor to eat better is slowly going its course. So far, I’m keeping the sweeties at bay during the week and theoretically indulging in a little of the sweetiage during the weekend. Also theoretically, I’m only having sweeties after I have some sort of meal thing, however rumor has it that some of my meals may have actually consisted of…sweeties. I’m still working on that aspect of the new “diet of the pre diabetic”. Eventually, I hope to have a decent schedule which will let me have some sweeties (remember kids! Eat your sweeties responsibly!) but also allow me to cut a lot of sweeties out of my diet, as befits a pre-diabetic. Hey, it’s not perfect but I’m getting closer to an ideal. Or something. Sadly, this means that I also can’t have any sweetie JSF until the weekends, which are so fraught with sloth lately that I haven’t done any reviewing at all. I’m almost out of reserve reviews!

On the Smithee front, I got one of my packages of button parts in. Huzzah! I’m not sure if they are the pins or the magnet parts as I didn’t open them up last night but parts is parts. Hopefully today or tomorrow the other set of button parts will arrive and all will be peachy! The show assembly proceeds apace as the The Smithee Four spend the next week hard at work arguing over the final contestants for the show. I’d like to say that all the clips are worth fighting for, but I haven’t seen The Sultans tape yet and Mr. Smithee’s tape is AWOL in the post system somewhere. In fact, it seems Mr. Smithee himself is AWOL as he has yet to weigh in on the clips discussion so hopefully the aliens didn’t come down and suck up Pennsylvania over the weekend. Or does Mr. Smithee live in New Jersey? I can’t remember, but I’m sure the aliens would know.

Last night I stopped off at the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese store, which formerly had been The Big Ten Party Store until recently when they were bought out by someone whose name I can’t remember so they’ll have to be the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese store until I can figure out what they are calling themselves now, to get some cheese, cheese, cheese. TheMan was working late (server stuff) so I decided to surprise him with some martiniage. However, to make a decent martini you have to have gin, vermouth and the right kind of olives (which may have necessitated a trip to another store) so I decided to just do wine and cheeses. When I got up to the cheese counter and asked what they recommended for cheeses, they asked what wine I was having. I hadn’t thought that far ahead! Hrrrm! Wine seemed boring (besides, we have lots in the cellar at home) so I thought of what I could get that was new and different. Then it hit me…port! We’ve only had one bottle of port (ever) so why not try out different kinds of port? And cheese. Tasty cheese. So this I did, and this we ate for a late dinner and it was delish.

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