I Took A Vacation Day To Celebrate

Because today is my Mumses..ahhh…61st birthday? Hold on, lemmie do the math. 45, 90, 10, 6…yeah. I think so. Well, if it isn’t she will either be pleased that I undershot or grumpy that I overshot. Anyway, happy day older mumses!

Actually, don’t tell the mumses but I took the day off because our friend the other Randall was coming into town at about midnight Wednesday evening (or technically Thursday). More precisely, the other Randall’s plane was coming into town at midnight, TORandall would have to motor to our place after all the airport rigmarole and would probably arrive on our doorstep at 1:30ish. TheMan had to film at 7 (heh. TORandall in town, film at 7) so I let him sleep a good night sleep and I took Thursday off.

TORandall got lost and wound up arriving after 2am. I love vacation days!

I’ll have you know, too, that I got up at 9ish on my VACATION DAY and started…errr…I can not remember what I did, oh wait. Right. Laundry. I’ve been doing laundry for three solid weeks, it feels like. Anyway, I did a bleach load of towels and sheets that really needed bleaching and then I started in on breakfast.


You know when you see a really cool food thing on TV (or in this case, the movies) and you want to try it out at home? Sometimes it takes a while to get it right. These were the “eggs in a basket” or “birds in a nest” or “toad in the hole” from V for Vendetta which looked very intriguing to me. The pumpkinesque like shape in the pan is the cut out from the toast. Hey, pumpkin was as round as I could get, I have no circular cookie cutter. Lessons learned: Don’t toast the toast before sticking it in the pan and use some salt and pepper. Oh, also, watch it a little closer so it doesn’t burn, but I think that’s a general cooking fault and not a specific recipe fault. I might try them again tomorrow. I might also do beignets. Or both.


Check this out: All my crocuses are up, out and blooming for my mumses birthday!


Even the cats woke up!



TORandall is in town for a conference thing and left in the afternoon to attend a pre-workshop deelie. We caught lunch at Sidetracks in town (very tasty sweet potato fries) where we ate on the porch and enjoyed the sun and the breezes. Even the weather put in an appearance for my mom! After eats, TORandall had to zoom to his workshop thing-it so I walked home from the corner (a whole four blocks! But a whole four beautiful spring day blocks). DAMN it was a right fine day! On the way, I saw a couple who were out on their front lawn doing what looked like the newest installment of the Riverdance, but when I got closer to them I realized they were stomping mole holes. Hey, you never know, it was exactly the kind of weather that inspires one to go outside and practice a jig or two. Plus, it’s nice to know the rest of the neighborhood is infested with the little buggers and it isn’t just our house.

I didn’t dance, but I snapped some crocus pics and took off to do errands in my big ol’ pick-em-up truck with the windows down and my music a-playing. Damn fine day indeed!

Last last year at the booniverse: I mean, take the following sentences: “God smote me for singing the lamby joe song” versus “I was smitten by God for singing the lamby joe song”. The first one sounds much more serious and old testament. I can see God frowning his cranky God frown and saying, “OK, I’ve heard about enough of that lamby joe song from boo. One lightning bolt, coming up!” while the other one sounds more like I’m singing an ode of devotion and lamby joe goodness to the almighty.

The year before at the booniverse: All this is leading to the astonishing fact that I, Rokokyu for going on two some years now, actually went to class last night.

The year before at the booniverse: What’s three minus 61? Errr…58? My mumses was 58!

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