If All Else Fails, Grill!

Ahhh the weekend.

Friday, TheMan and I came home to drop off some stuff, eat dinner and zoom the zoom of zooming over to TheRCK’s game when lo! Who should we find at our house but TORandall! We were a bit confused, as he was supposed to be off conferencing, but he told us that he got some extremely sad and upsetting news and decided to just hang alone for a while. To which we were perfectly happy to oblige as we had a lot of stuff crammed into our weekend.

Yeah, I feel like a butt for abandoning TORandall as we were gone most of Friday evening, all of Saturday morning and most of Sunday afternoon. On the other hand, an empty house and an upstairs full of books seemed to be just the right sort of therapy for our house guest so I suppose everything ended up peachy-dorey. More or less.

Saturday, TheMan and Badmovie clipped tapes for the Smithee show while I wandered about. I was taking pics for the Saturday Picto-blog which took me and my poor feets all over the place. The things I do for you people! I also got to stop off at Potbelly’s for sammiches and cookies. They make a really fine oatmeal chocolate chip cookie there, not to mention rockin’ sammiches. Just for the record, the ‘Save Some Damn Money’ initiative is being put on somewhat hiatus during Smithee clipping season. That’s not to say that we are willy-nilly eating out every meal, but rather that if it’s late and TheMan is editing, sammiches may have to be bought. We’re still packing our lunch and not partaking of the Starbucks so I suppose we’re doing more of a ‘Save Some Damn Money Sorta’ until the 22nd. It works, I think.

I do believe TheMan and Badmovie clipped all of The Sultans tapes but two (which we need to find local copies of to capture due to things and stuff) and both A2 clips have been clipped since November. Now they are just waiting on Mr. Smithee who forgot to send his “what to clip” along with his movies. Whoops. As far as my prep work…ahhhh…well I managed to lose the template for the puppet when I cleaned up on Wednesday. Go me. TheMan has two of the four buttons designed but nothing’s printed yet. OH! Flyers! TheMan made up a totally new flyer (he was inspired) that looks like an old west wanted bulletin. My crazy TheMan.

After clipping, we had a grill out for those people who couldn’t make the Thursday thing but still wanted to see TORandall. Sadly, it was not as nice out as it was Thursday so I stayed in and did something (I have no idea, probably some top secret something or other which I would have to kill you over if you found out) while the gang grilled outside. Hey, it was chilly out! Apparently, the chimbly, which was blazing away, kept the area nice and toasty. It still looked too cold to hang out in comfortably, but then again I am a warm blood married to a Yooper. Eventually everyone came in and we had eats and watched some tapes.

Sunday was Badmovie’s game. We made it through TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! Call the press, folks. I think I took a nap afterwards and we did something or other in the evening. Probably another one of those top secret “I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you” things. Hey! I remember what at least one of them was: Organizing the 60+ pictures I took on Saturday. No wonder that left my mind…60+ pictures! Brain! In! Danger!

It looks like we’re all getting together tonight as well for one last final hurrah eating out and movie watching before TORandall flies the coop for places north. Yay food!

Your moment of Isaak Zen.

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