Scattered Bits And Pieces

I’m not feeling super skippy happy good today which translates into my brain has other things it’s thinking about. Like what I ate that is upsetting my guts enough to make me feel illin, but not enough that I’m not so illin that I can stay home. Sort of a “the guts advisory is at blue” kind of day. Meh. I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have left my yogurt out of the fridge for…ahhh…several more hours that it should have been left out but it didn’t smell or taste bad. Plus, doesn’t food poisoning hit pretty much immediately and not 20+ hours after the fact?


Anyway, here’s a sampling of random stuff that is rattling around in my plork.

The Smithee Puppets are further along than I had planned for them to be. Huzzah! Last night at DQ’s and before the game, we cut out all the bodies, made hands for all but one puppet (ran out of felt), pinned the bodies for sewing and got the heads trimmed out properly and stuck to the appropriate head color of felt. All I was planning to do was the head thing. After last night, the puppets just need the bodies sewn together, the head felt trimmed and they need felt eyes cut and glued. Dayum these fellas are a breeze. OH! Wait! I forgot that two of my puppet heads are a different color – score! I thought I’d have to go back for more primary puppet head felt color but! If two of my puppets are not the same color as the felt that ran out, then I have enough felt for hands for everybody. Wrock! (I have tons of extra felt in the oddball head color.) Either Friday or Sunday we sew!

Other Craftsy Shit that I shouldn’t be doing right now but for some reason I decided it was a grand time t start A PROJECT. Oi. I’ve gotten it into my head to make another afghan because I’ve been itching to do one up that isn’t squares for Frankenblanket. I’m at a bit of an impasse with Frankenblanket because my second square is just slightly smaller than my first square by enough to screw things up. I may end up running a row of single stitches around the edge to give it a bit more fluff but right now I’m cranky that they didn’t turn out more similar. And I hate them. BAH! So I picked up some cool chunky yarn and started in on a blankie.

And here’s the weird thing about yarn, as I found out yesterday. The pattern says it needs 40 ounces of yarn. One chunky skein is 6 ounces. By my math, which granted can be dubious, I would need 7 skeins of yarn to complete the puppy. Tuesday I ran out of the first skein after only five rows of the pattern. The blanket has 23 sets of five rows, which means I’m going to need at least 23 skeins to complete the project. 7 versus 23? That’s a discrepancy too large even to be one of my poor math skills blunders. Eventually DQ put me straight by saying that a yarn ounce is really some sort of magical mystical unit of something that doesn’t even relate to physics as we know it. If you had a pound of yarn and a pound of lead, the pound of lead would indeed be heavier because yarn ounces has more to do with length than weight. Or something along those lines. I decided not to figure it out after I learned that an ounce wasn’t an ounce and that a yard was still a real world measurement. Fine. I’ll just start thinking in terms of yardage of yarn, until they up and change that on me.

The New Work Project. I think I’ve mentioned that I’m farmed out to another department at work somewhere in the blog of past days but I’m too lazy and have too much of a burpy tum to go look it up. If not, I am. Anyway, I managed to shirk some of my duties (with permission) and take on a couple other duties from a different sub group of my farmed department because it sounded fun. Lately I’ve been looseleaf filing, which is the act of switching out pages to laws and stuff that change all the damn time. I don’t mind it, even though weekly updates will cause me to replace the same 5 pages over and over again. I do, however, find the whole process very odd.

The stuff I’m working with is about ten years old and has gone weekly with updates for those ten years…which means the pagination is completely shot. I’ve had to add pages between page 15 and page 16, which they resolve by numbering the pages 15, 15-1, 15-2, 15-3, 16. Then there are the bits that are taken out which means that the numerical page progression could very well jump whole sections of numberage and not blink an eye. The long and the short is that it’s really difficult to tell where you need to go in a book because sometime the next page is 300 numbers off from the previous page and other times there are so many sub pages that an inch of text might only take you from 200 to 202. Frekky!

My random pet peeve for today is the concept of “next day service”. People! When you want something next day, please get it to the person the day before because otherwise it’s SAME DAY. What is up with that? I get that all the time too, people giving me next day stuff well after I’ve gone home. Then when I get in the next day surprise! Except now it’s needed same day turn around. Granted, nothing I do is so very stressing that I can’t do it in a day but the principle of the thing has me irked. Do not mark “next day” if your person is going to get it “same day”. This announcement of crankiness has been brought to you by boo.

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