I Forgot What My Home Looked Like!

I tell you, it was a Smitheelicious weekend indeed.

I also have half a mind to put up a random picto-blog because my fingers aren’t with the whole typing program today (they are either coming down with a joint flu which is making typing difficult, or they are colder than I think they are, which is making typing difficult. Either way, typing is difficult) but I will sojourn on for you loyal readers.
First! Friday! I just now remembered what I did Friday and that was hurry home, box up the Meow and zoom out to my ‘rents place for the March Birthday Bash. We are nothing if not timely with the fam. It was Mumses’s birthday at the end of March and Brother-in-law’s (who I really, REALLY need to think up a cool moniker for) birthday in mid-March? Something like that. Anyway, I zoomed up sans TheMan because my man was Smithee clipping, except he wasn’t because he spent 4 hours trying to copy the weird format discs onto a DVR so he could clip them cleanly (I think the usual method has some transfer problems) and ultimately gave up in disgust. Ouch.

Meanwhile, we yukked it up party style at Mumses’s house with the food and the pie and the gifts. Happy Smithee season babe!

Saturday, we got up earlyish (9am, thankyouverymuch), had us some eggs in a toad nest (my new name for the fried, cut out toast with eggs) that I changed up a bit from the last time. Round 2 started with bread, instead of toast, and added some spices while cooking. I also used a maple leaf cutter, which is neither here nor there but new. Round 3 will see me buttering the bread both sides before cooking, just to see if that makes things tastier. Always improving! After toast in the toad egg experiment 2, we left for the office.

TheMan got down to clipping while I cut button parts and by the time Badmovie and LunarGeography showed up (with Bubbles in hot pursuit) the show had been posted, argued, decided and ready to go. Amazing! Really, the only jostling and clip subbing comments were for what alternates should be included as back up since everyone was happy with the line up. Yay. I think they wound up pulling three movies from the ballot this year (which means that other movies had to sub in the pulled clips places) in favor for a next year (and hopefully better) showing. Whoot. The girls rocked the Smithee button prep (I really want to get a different button making system!) while the boys did their editing magic. After 12 hours the clips were clipped and the buttons were buttoned (we had them done well before 12 hours actually, which gave us lots of time to look over Badmovie’s new book purchase: Genetology. What a hoot!) and we went home accomplished. Booyaw!

Sunday I got up early and headed to church with DQ and then back to her place for a puppet making fest. Church was interesting…the congregation read the sermon reading! Heh. The pastor picked out the whole ‘Jesus goes into town, gets betrayed, dies’ bit (is that the Passion?) and highlighted all the parts in the sermon. So, whenever the scripture said ‘And the People cried, “Lo! For he was with them”‘, the people in the congregation who were reading the part of the people would say “Lo! For he was with them”. It was interesting, but went well with the sermon, which was basically ‘we hear this stuff so often we never really listen to it. Find a different way of hearing these stories and you will learn something new’.

Afterwards, we zoomed back to DQ’s place and did PUPPETS! My old machine was having nothing to do with the slippery, stretchy fabric so I started in on the woven stuff puppets. I was doing pretty well too, all zshicka-zshicka-zshicka and zig zagging my way around the puppet (DQ, on the other hand was br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ting around her stack of puppets so by the time I had zschicka-ed one side of a puppet she had finished three, but that’s not the point! The point is that I was sewing!) until the machine locked up. After half an hour of trouble shooting, we decided that my machine was no more for that day, and possibly no more until I could get it to the sewing machine doctor. *sniff* My happy little Singer is sick! So while DQ sewed 8.5 puppets, I glued heads and finished them off. We stuck cans of beans on their heads to weight them down so the glue would do its glue thing and then put large encyclopedic volumes of reference books on top of the beans. These puppies aren’t going to suffer from having their heads peel off any time soon. No siree Bob!

I got home late, TheMan got home later, I think we were at home a total of maybe 15 hours this whole weekend. Yikes. But! The show is edited and pieced together (just needs to be burned to a disc and the inter titles finished) and the puppets are all done. Huzzah!

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