Spring Fever

Welcome to another boring Wednesday here at the booniverse. Is it just me or does it seem like all the days are pretty much the same? Monday is like unto Wednesday, which is quite similar to Thursday, which could be Tuesday’s identical twin. Even Friday isn’t that outstanding these days and that’s weird. I mean…Friday!!! Friday leads into the weekend and that should be rad, you know? Except even the weekends are here and gone before you know it and then it’s back to Monday (or Tuesday or whenever). I think I am in need of some vacation.

Did you know that there are no U holidays between New Year’s Day and Memorial Day? That’s almost a half a year without a break (unless you take a break out of your hard earned vacation, which doesn’t bother me much since I started getting 12 vacation hours a month. 12 hours and 16 hours a month builds up so fast you almost have to take weird vacation days or wind up with so much saved vacation that the U starts taking it away. They’ll do it too. You can hold over double what you accrue in a year- 256 hours (32 days) for me, 384 hours (48 days) for the 16 hours a monthers – but that 257th hour or that 385th hour? Gone. And here’s my question (as long as I’m all tangentially rambling), who in their right mind lets their vacation accumulate until they have to take an emergency day or lose it? Work is not that important that you can’t get away from it for at least two days a month. Life is too short to lose vacation days, people! Use them! If you feel you can not possibly be away from the workplace for an entire day, at least schedule half day Fridays in order to keep even. A half day of missed work aint gonna see the system shut down. And if you still feel you can’t be away for that long a time, give your wasted days to me, damnit! I need a big ol’ vacation!

Oh dear, I’ve gone and lost my original thread. Hold on…vacation…work…holidays-Right! Holidays! OK, back to your originally scheduled blog). I was looking at the Official U holidays and it’s a pretty sweet deal over all despite the weird spacing. We get 11 sanctioned “don’t come to work but still get paid” days starting with New Year’s Day in January, then we stagnate until the end of May for Memorial Day, then the 4th of July, early September for Labor day, two days off in November for Thanksgiving and then the entire week from Christmas to New Year’s Eve. It seems like the year is weighted pretty heavy in the aft end (although I’m certainly not knocking the week of vacation between Christmas and New Years) which drives me crazy come mid April. Which it currently is. So I’m currently going slightly bazoo.

I even took some random vacation days (and I will admit that the day I took off when The Other Randall was here was a right fine vacation day indeed – but it didn’t last as long as I would have hoped since I’m once again twitchy) and I’m still…restless. Maybe it’s the warming weather and my spring fever is coming around. Bah! Why can’t the U have an official “Spring Madness Day”? I’d give up one of my Christmas week days for an official Spring Madness Day.

Speaking of Spring, as I just was above (yay segue!) I am once again entertaining the thought of putting in a garden. One of those real food producing gardens, not just a shiny happy pretty garden of flowers and ornamental herbs. Although, if I put in an ornamental herb garden I will cut off the mail man’s cross lawn tromping path, which also intrigues me. Hmmm! Anyway. DQ has plans for “box” gardens, where you make a raised box thing, fill it with dirt and plant away. I could probably plop two of them in the back yard and be happy. But what to plant? So far, I’ve got my eye on hot peppers, tomatoes and onions so we can make our own salsa and also some beets for pickling and radishes for TheMan to munch but that’s probably just one 4 x 4 grid. Do I want to raise pumpkins and have to devote the entire other grid to just vine things? That seems like a lot of space for one food crop. Maybe I can get a working herb garden going and interplant some pretty flowers in the second garden box. I’m going to have to give this more thinks! Of course, every year at about this time I start thinking about a garden and I usually go right on thinking about it until fall when it’s way too late to do anything about gardening. Could this year be the year to get off my lazy gardening duff? Hrrrm!

Lastly, there was a bit of a mishap with the Smithee puppets. It seems that when we put the cans of beans on the backs of their heads in order to press their glued faces into the bodies so that the heads would stick, the glue caused the beans to rust. The rust left a memento behind and the majority of the puppets now have a circular bean ring on the backs of their heads. Not really part of my original plan. We’re going to get some rust out and see if we can’t repair the damage but if that doesn’t work…ahhhh…well, they’re stupid monsters right? Right! Or something. Poor puppets.

Remember: The Smithee Awards – April 22nd; 7pm – midnight at 1800 Chem.

And that’s truly all I have for you. Night!

Isaak sez “Spring! Lemmie at it!”

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