My Vande-cat Goes To 11


That’s ridiculous, that’s not even funny!

Heh. I was trying to figure out what to name today’s entry, being Vande-cat’s 11th birthday and all, and I just couldn’t really come up with anything cool. Then I thought, “Hey! She’s eleven. That’s ridiculous, that’s not even funny!” (from KoL yore – or lore if you rather. Both seem to fit) and of course I had to use it because it was a reference to 11. Then, I remembered “My [fill in the blank] goes to 11”, which is another good reference to 11 (from Spinal Tap!) and I thought, “Uh-oh…That’s a good one too. Hrrrmmm, now I have a conundrum.” Buuut, since I’m pretty much always going on with the ridiculous quote, I thought I’d use the going to 11 quote and sub title with the ridiculous quote.

Then I thought of a third 11 quote (it’s a school house rock tune), which is also cat appropriate and which I’ll save for Isaak so he has at least somewhat of his own quote for his birthday. Who’da thought there were so many good 11 quotes? That’s ridiculous, that’s…oh yeah. Not even funny anymore. Been there, done that, moving on!


Today is a Vande-centric day which means mostly pictures and a couple anecdotes.



and anecdotes!

Kitty Birthday Morning started with an offering of gooshy food which was immediately pounced upon by Isaak. He had his face in the bowl faster than you could say “Krunchies!” which I did for quite some time before opening the packet in the hopes that the cat of honor might come out from wherever she was hiding to get at least some of her birthday gooshy food. Alas, she was firmly entrenched in wherever it is that she hides upstairs and no amount of hollering the “K-words” would entice her to appear. Ah well, her loss. After half the food was tucked away in Isaak’s spare tire (a Siamese should be sleek, not wobbly in the underside. I’ve tried explaining this to the “I” but he’s all “Fat? What do you mean fat?!? I consider myself perfectly proportioned for a cat of my stature. Now shut up and let me eat, woman!”) the birthday priss princess finally meandered downstairs all “Mee? What’s going on? Is that GOOSHY food?”

Duhh-uhhh! I’ve only been hollerin’ about it for the past 10 minutes, dumbass.

I think my cats might believe that one of their names is dumbass.

More pictures!


(All I wanted to do on my birthday was sit in the chair but I can’t even do that because of these stupid Smithee giveaways)


Sadly, I did not get the cute sleeping pic of Vande wearing the plaid cat as a beret. I tried though. I spent way too much of my morning playing the “stuff on my cat” game and giggling like a loon before I got the brilliant idea of going and getting the camera so you all could join me in my loonocity. People, the plaid cat beret was a thing of monumental hilarity. Sadly, the camera strap was dangling down from the camera when I returned and despite her tiny smooth walnut brain, Vande is definitely my Mighty Hunter Cat. She took one look at that dangly camera strap and BAMN! It was all over for the strap. Really, camera strap never stood a chance against Vande-cat: Mighty Hunter of the Q House. This also meant that plaid cat, who has a little ropey tail, was on the agenda as well. It’s really hard to make a cat wear a cat toy as a beret when said cat is trying to hunt same cat toy. That’s not to say that we didn’t try.




Not yet.




(I’m so not interested in that plaid cat. See? You can tell because I’ve decided to take a bath. I CAN’T SEE YOU PLAID CAT!)


Eventually we either wore her out or came to the realization that her tolerance for stupidity is much lower than our enjoyment of being stupid because she gave up hunting the toys (and camera strap) and sat there giving us the evil eye. I think she was hoping we’d just go away (or grow up) before she had another birthday (and another round of being subjected to “stuff on my cat”). Who won overall? Not sure on that, I think we need to do some more testing.

Ahhh, good times at the cat’s expense. That’s what birthdays should be all about.


(The Happiest Cat in the World!)

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