Cinnamon Spice Mocha

This week has been extra difficult because once again, I was a day ahead of myself. Thursday was my Friday and then Friday was my Friday, again, and that SuXXX0rs! Especially if you have a deal whereby you don’t eat sweeties Monday – Thursday and try to be somewhat good on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because Thursday I was ALL about the Cinnamon Spice Mocha.

Except Thursday wasn’t Friday and no matter how I tried to rationalize it, a cinnamon spice mocha isn’t really a weekday drink. Five pumps of chocolate syrup and five pumps of cinnamon syrup? Ahhh, yeah. Gotta say that really belongs on the sweetie list and not in my belly on a Thursday (which was not in fact a Friday). So I had to wait a Whole! Extra! Day! (wah) before I could partake of the cinnamony chocolate caffeine goodness. Arrrgh! Not to mention it feels like a six day work week.

(In case you are wondering about the odd CSM ratio, which I have posted here before, lately there hasn’t been a barista who knows what a proper CSM is (5 cinnamon to 2 chocolate) so the past few CSMs have been 5 and 5. It makes for a REALLY chocolaty drink! Not that I’m complaining…)

AH! I remember what I was going to tell you, speaking of baristas. When I went in Friday for a righteous CSM (because I deserved one, damnit, for working an extra day this week (somewhere in between Monday and the second Friday) which totally hosed my CSM timing), I noticed that they had this great black boardy poster like thing-it on the cappuccino machine (you know, those black bits of hard stock paper whatsit that they write all the menu stuff in Bright! Neon! Letters! ? That stuff). The board was pre-printed with “Your Barista is:” and then “The pick of the day is:” and someone had filled in Your Barista is: “A level 23 dark elf battle mage” and the Pick of the Day is: “A double soy latte of DOOM”. That almost made up for inserting an extra day in my week. Hee!

Little Kitty survived her birthday. Thank you all for the well wishes. I think she celebrated by taking an extra long nap all day followed by running around rabidly from 11 to 11:15 in the evening.

In other newsy news news…I get my hair cut tonight. Huzzah! It’s gotten to stage two of long where it has finally grown out of “everything I do, I do to piss the head off” and into “Lets kinda do this thing now which is OK cute and not so annoying, but still rather long”. I could possibly go longer without a buzz since I can once again stand to walk around while the hair on my head does whatever it’s doing, but it is Smithee season and time for the bi-annual hair cut. I really need to schedule more hair cuttings between the spring and the fall shearing but…Lazy Couch Cheeto. I am also sort of thinking of maybe dying my hair some funky color. Been rolling that around in my brain pan for a couple of days and I just might give it a go. Nothing permanent (at least not yet) but nothing subtle either. If you are going to the Smithee Awards (April 22, 7pm, 1800 Chem Building), you might just catch me after a weak moment with the coloring mousse.

The Smithee thing commeth. I hit a couple more places yesterday and scattered more buttons to the wind. All I have left is the Chem building, MLB (if I feel like it), Angell hall and then maybe a sweep of the old spots to refresh the buttonage. I can do this Monday, I think. No big (and also big Cheeto). Other than that and spray painting the trash cans, I’m set for the show. Wrock! I even painted my toe nails the Official Ballot Ninja Color of ’06 (chosen by Isaak): Dark, rich, ninja stealthy Purple!

Alright! It’s weekend and hair cutting time. I’m outta here!

Little Kitty recovering from her exhausting birthday activities.

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