Have I rambled on enough about the Smithees? Hmmm. Perhaps not. I mean, it’s only Monday and the show is on Saturday and I didn’t even post Sunday. What would the world become without constant daily reminders of events upcoming? So here’s today’s blurbit splash:

The Ann Arbor showing

When: Saturday, April 22. 7pm-ish
Where: 1800 Chem Building

OK, done now. Onto the weekend recap (it IS Monday, after all)

Friday after work I got my hairs shorn in the traditional bi-annual hair trimming. Yay short head! After that we…errr….did very important Friday things. Top secret important things. Stuff so amazing, that I’d have to kill you if-OH! Right. I remember now, the Amber game. LunarGeography was there (yay for no splody head) and Mssr. Gonkweasel was also there but we got a very late start because Mssr. Gonkweasel works for the Ass End of Space. They informed him that he was working a double shift about a minute after he started, or possibly they told him at the end of Thursday’s shift. Either way, ASS END OF SPACE! I’m currently plotting out how to completely bankrupt the company in the most evil and nasty cum-uppance way I can because that just aint right. I’m also thinking of winning a massive lotto (do I need to capitalize that?) and hiring Mssr. Gonkweasel to run a gaming store in town. As of pretty recently, there is no gaming anything in town (but boy do we have coffee! We can be up all night…ahhh…not gaming I guess) and also, Mssr. Gonkweasel needs a better job. Two birds, one store I say. Where do you think we ought to locate the new store?

Maybe I need to start getting my lotto winning game on first. I guess I ought to buy tickets too. Or something. BESIDE THE POINT!

I was actually talking about the Amber game, wasn’t I? Heh. Bye mumses! (She goes all glassy eyed when I say “gaming”. This would be the perfect space to say something like “I’m pregnant!” and then be all “It was in the blog. I can’t help it if you don’t read all the words” when she goes nuts that I didn’t tell her. Heh. But I’m not (in a delicate way that is. I might still type it though) so don’t all y’all get twitchy and start rumors which will get back to my mumses because then I’m going to have to hear about it forever. That sort of thing can only end in violence.) The game went pretty well, despite the late start (and the tangential blogging of it).

BTW, welcome to parenthetical asides day here at the booniverse (I just made that up).

Saturday I felt like total yuck, so I slept in and then had a nap on top of that. I might have done laundry, might not have. I can’t remember, really, but laundry was done this weekend so I shall attribute it to Saturday. In the late afternoon, when I was done with sleeping mostly, I made a run out to Meijers to score some peeps, or at least peanut pastel M&Ms for the gorp (and M&Ms for myself because I was having a thing). Crimony! Thursday Meijers had an entire portable aisle way of bins full of Easter treats but Saturday? Nada! I’m talking about eight or ten of those middle aisle thingits that come out during Easter and Christmas and Halloween all gone. There was just one lonely end display left and it was full of cloths and craft projects but no candy. Bauwr?!? Don’t tell me Meijers suddenly discovered how to buy Easter candy to adequately supply the town this year? No peeps? NO PEEPS?!?? My mumses is going to be very sad.

I wound up at Hiller’s on the same trip out and I found two surviving bags of peanut M&Ms for the gorp. Whoo! And also, where is this town’s Easter candy??? Hiller’s had one half height portable shelving unit of Easter candy and that was it. It! Sucks to be a last minute shopper in this town. I did manage to score a regular bag of M&Ms to kibosh the M&M munchies but that’s not too hard. People always have regular M&Ms.

We ate said M&Ms while playing warcraft (bye mumses!) and both were highly disappointing. I got a level on my pally and a level on the horde character (no big, they are about 20ish) and the play was alright, but I was twitchy. The peanut M&Ms, on the other hand, sucked. One out of every five was weirdly crunchy crispy in a way that toffee usually is and peanuts never are unless something has gone disturbingly wrong with them. Blech. I got through a couple handfuls, thinking that maybe it was a freak occurrence, and then another freak occurrence and possibly a third, although that was pushing it. By the fourth bad M, the bag and I were no longer best friends forever and I ended the relationship. Nothing puts me off a mood faster than an unsatisfied food thing.

All in all, let’s just let Saturday slide by into forgotten disuse and get on with Sunday.

Sunday started with church. That makes two days of church this year! Really, I’d go more if it weren’t so early in the morning. I’m not a morning person, not even one day a week. Before the service the Men’s something or other group organization peoples made up a spanking fine breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage and hammm; juice and coffee) and a lot of the other church members contributed food stuffs for munching on until there was enough food to feed half the town. Oi! It was all mighty tasty too so we ate and talked and hung out before the service (and I got sticky syrup prints all over my coffee mug, silverware and placemat because apparently I am eternally two years old when it comes to eating pancakes. Truly, I can not eat a meal involving syrup without getting it some parts of everywhere.).

Afterwards we had the Sunday game over at DQs (where we also dyed some eggs for Easter fun time activities). I haven’t dyed eggs for quite a while and I’ll just say that I dyed more eggs than we went through days in the game. Of course that statement would have worked for two eggs yesterday and I did six or seven. Sometimes I wish there were a fast forward option for playing badmovie’s V&V game.

After the game we had dinner and the tech rehearsal run through of the Smithee DVD. WHEEE! TheMan made two of the finest chickens I’ve ever noshed and some decent potatoes. Booze was had and the show was watched. As far as fixes, it looks like one night of minor tweaks (stuff like a couple clips needing to be trimmed up a tad because they have are a frame or two long and maybe a sound thing that needs to be attended to) and everything is golden.

Speaking of which, the trash cans need to be clothed in their traditional gold. Which I need to buy. I could do that tonight I suppose.

Your moment of flower Zen

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