26 Hours Left

The Smithees loom on the horizon and we have…almost nothing left to do!

The biggies are: Equipment check (TheMan’s still not letting me check his equipment. Heh), which hopefully goes off without a hitch tonight. We’re also buzzing out tomorrow morning for the annual laser pointer battery run (AND! We’ll get new batteries for the portable phone. I hadn’t realized how convenient a portable handset was until ours died. Attached to the wall or the phone? How barbaric!) and morning breakfast munching. I’m not sure if that’s annual or not, but as long as we are out, we might as well catch breakfast right?

Also on the ticket tonight are some vanity edits to the show and sticky popcorn. TheMan said the show is ready to run, but he’s not 100% satisfied with it. As long as he has time he thought he might strive for perfection. Boy does that seem weird given the subject matter. The sticky popcorn, on the other hand, is right at home with the subject matter. DQ and I have plans to finish those puppies up. Possibly in three flavors, definitely one and most likely two. Orange is the only flavor that I KNOW is going to be made ‘cuz I’m walking out on the project if it isn’t. A boo likes her some orange sticky popcorn!

I should put water for the Smithee crew on the list of things I need to get while shopping. Pardon me while I use my blog as my own personal grocery list.

Last night I tried on my ninja pants and I am please to report that not only can I still wear them, I can do so without fear of bursting a seam. Huzzah! I think I will be going in “costume” as the ballot ninja. The working ninja as it were. Heh. This means laundry tonight! Huzzah? Possibly. At least I’ll have clean things for later and won’t have to rummage come Monday morning for something clean to put on. That’s always a plus so yes Huzzah. More huzzah if I can manage a laundry nap!

So! Equipment check, sticky popcorn making, gorp assembly, battery buying, water acquiring, laundry napping (*g*), trash can filling, car stuffing and we’re done. That’s not too bad (and it’s really not a huge long list). Big huzzah that.

OK! On to more mundane stuff…like the weather. Is it ever bringing out the idiots! I was ’bout run flat over crossing the street, in a crosswalk mind, because some bitchy chick decided it was too nice a day to stop at the stop sign (“Like, the car ahead of me? It was stopped for like the looooongest time. I mean, am I supposed to be like waiting for my turn at the stop sign? That’s so, like, bogus.”). I guess she decided that she had performed her civic duty stopping while she was waiting for the car in front of her to stop properly at the stop sign. Plus, she had to get her social life on since she was DIALING HER CELL PHONE AND NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD!

That’s sort of a pet peeve of mine. Yeah, I know, get off my lawn and all…but if you are driving then I think you ought to be paying attention to the task at hand, not making it a secondary or tertiary event. If Jinny or Bobbi or Suzi call up or if you just HAVE to tell Kathi about how OhMiGod! Daren actually looked at you during poli-sci review! Do it on your own time, which is your cell phone time and not your driving time. See, because during your driving time you should be driving, not calling and Not running me the fuck over in the crosswalk you cock-guzzling shithead!

Then, THEN she gets all bitchy pissy at me for being in the cross walk in front of her car as she’s violating my right of way. Oh! I don’t THINK so sister. That got her suped up little hottie sports car a sound thumping on the rear window as she roared by (which she did as she looked up halfway through the intersection and found that she would either have to stop or gun it and hope I didn’t take another step as she flew on by). However, I really wish I had been wearing some dangly metal bits on my pants or purse because they would have totally keyed her car with very little effort on my part. That would have been righteous. Fucking bitch.

Fucking cell phones.

Fucking bitches on cell phones, KEY THEM ALL!

I will be so eternally glad when the damned students are out of my town. HATE!

Other than that, we’re all Smithee stressing here and it’s not a sweetie day for me (I swapped Friday for Monday, which will be my lovely assistant’s last day (well, OK all the students can leave but her because she’s cool and does the work I don’t like to do. Alas, she has an internship this summer and must go. Drat) and one of the Librarian’s birthday celebration) so life is extra hard. Boo points if you actually followed that through all the twists and turns of rapid digressions. I couldn’t and I wrote it. You should be inside my head some days, that’s a tame sampling of my though process!

The Little Kitty rests up for the big day.

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