It Happened One Weekend

That being this past weekend and the what being the Smithees. However, I did more than the show so now you get to hear about it. Luuuuucky you!

It’s the usual recap Monday post today, but I do want to point out the super special Sunday Smitheetastic picto-post. I typed my fingers to the bone for you people! My poor mouse padding finger what with all those pics to size, name and post. And my picture taking finger! (Wait, is that the same finger? I have no idea. I’ll have to stop and think next time I’m mouse padding and see if the padding digit is also my clicking digit.) Oh the pain!

Friday, two days before my harrowing picto-padding finger incident, I went home with DQ in order to start in on the sticky popcorn. Sadly, orange was eliminated from the flavors as it had not one, but two…TWO arsenic tempting holes in the packaging. Not that there was any arsenic in it at all, but sometimes you gotta take the hints fate throws your way. One hole…eh. We could rationalize that away as a packaging flaw. Two holes, wellllll maybe a packaging flaw, again, but also mighty coincidental no? One occurrence is overlookable, two occurrences is trashable. Hey, I watch enough Law & Order to know from coincidences!

Ergo, we wound up with Tropical Island Pineapple, Berry Blue and Black Cherry. All perfectly good and tasty choices (and none of the candidates leaky in any aspect). Sticky popcorn is a whole lot like rice crispy treats, save sub in popcorn and add a packet of Jell-o. Wala! And ow! The gooey stuff is really hot when you pour it onto the popcorn and then have to mix it in by hand (since someone is totally spatula inept). We came, we mixed, we made three batches of sticky popcorn. Huzzah! TheMan came in on the very last part of the process as he was busy doodling with the show. Or something. Maybe he was getting his Smithee freak on, I don’t remember.

I do remember dying my hair “purple” with one of those 8 day mousse dye kit things. My goal was to get a nice, dark, vibrant purple, so I left the outlandishly plum (or whatever they were calling it) on my head for the length of time indicated by “vibrant color”. I wanted to stand out purple, not sort of glint maybe with something that might have been slightly violet. So sit I did with the purple mousse on my head for the longest length of time and…if by “purple” they really meant “hesitant burgundy” then I achieved their goal. Mrrrrft.

Saturday! Saturday (one day before my crippling mouse padding injury) is usually the day reserved for TheMan and Badmovie to really get their Smithee freak on, so let them freak I did. My first task was to zoom the zoom of zooming in my mostly maybe slightly burgundy hair (grrr) to a bunch of different places to get last minute Smithee things (batteries, dropping off of the Smithee Promotions box and getting of the cinnamon spice mochas. Oh yes, CSMs). This I did, chatted with Badmovie for a bit and got the tour de food and then zoomed back home. DQ showed up early, we packed and off we went.

The show went, the after show cast party went, we got home sometime after three but before 4. In the morning.

Sunday after Smithees is usually the day reserved for doing absolutely nothing, which we excel at. Sadly, I was up at 9ish (no idea why) and decided to putter around doing stuff until I got tired, at which point I would take a nap. I puttered here (got a load of dishes done), I puttered there (did my KoLs), I puttered up (ran a load in the dishwasher), I puttered down (made some soup stock). I was the putter queen (I organized all the Smithee pics! Every single one of them. Oh the finger-manity!) and then it was noon and I was sleepy. Still, not bad for a planned slacker day. I even made cake for Monday AND it was a no sweetie day, which I stuck to despite all the tempting sweeties in the house. I was so proud of me!

I tell you, Friday and Sunday were tough to get through as non sweetie days. Monday was going to be a birthday extravaganza and Tuesday is Free Ice Cream Day at Ben and Jerry’s so I swapped weekend days out soas to be able to participate and not stray from my sweetie eating regiment. Friday was difficult only in that I had Gorp and sticky popcorn hovering around all evening, but I was also coming off a whole stretch of no sweetie days during the work week, so it wasn’t too bad. Sunday though. ARRGH! Sunday. Sunday was particularly bad coming off of Smithee snack fest evening. Mr. Paul and my sis brought a whole tray of Hershey kisses and Evil. THEY BROUGHT EVIL! ARRRGH! And of course I had to take it home because it was their tray. Of course. All day Sunday the EVIL was looking at me but I resisted!

Mind you, I have that same bag of Evil with me today but let’s not dwell on that. Let’s look back at the weekend where I did something on a slacker day and stayed true to my no sweetie resolve!

Last year at the booniverse: My mommy brought food! Awww, she (and Mr. Paul) are Smithee regulars. *sniff*

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