Le Wow!

The expression, not the game. Don’t want to lose my mumses in the opening gambit!

Last night we went out to the newly opened La Shish with DQ and MomQ and quite frankly, I was still stuffed with tasty Mediterranean food this morning. Tasty, wonderful Mediterranean food. Mmmmmm, Mediterranean food…

Oh wait, what were we talking about? I sort of zoned off into my happy place there. If you like that sort of cuisine I definitely recommend La Shish. Oh the tasty! I started off with an orange fruit smoothy, which also had strawberries and bananas in it (because apparently all the fruit smoothies have strawberry and banana as a base) and I decided right then and there that I wanted a juicer. Or a smoothier. Whatever. The glass of fruity divine convinced me that not only could I easily enjoy getting my fruits a day in if they were liquid fruits, but I’d enjoy it a lot more than I do eating fruits in their fruit form. There is something about fruit in its fruit form which is off putting to me. I’ll often times rather go afternoon hungry than to have to bite through an apple. Mind you, I like the taste and texture of apples, but the skin bothers me. Maybe I don’t like fruit with crusts.

As always, bananas are exempt. Why? No idea. Lucky I guess.

TheMan and I ordered the sampler plate for two, mostly because I’m still not very good about Mediterranean food, which came with Tabbouli, hommous, baba ghannooj, falafel, vegetarian grapeleaves, lamb grapeleaves, chicken shawarma, lamb shawarma, shish tawook and shish kafta, plus salad or soup. TheMan also ordered hommous and veggies as an appetizer and I upgraded my salad from the house salad to the hallumm salad and Oh! My! God! The salad came out all huge and roundy with salady goodness (the house salad was just as big – DQ got that) and I thought to myself, “Uh-oh. That’s a lot of salad. I wonder if we got too much food?” Then the appetizer plate of hommous came out with a HUGE blobbit of hommous and a crispers worth of veggies and I thought to myself, “Yeah, we’re gonna have a lot of food.” Then! Parts of our dinner for two came out and we definitely had entirely too much food. We took home 4 boxes of leftovers. 4 boxes!!! It really should have been called dinner for whoever is at your table because damn!

I learned that I still don’t like falafel, still like schwarma, like baba ghannooj, love hommous (still), am OK with tabbouli (still), like tawook and don’t care for kafta. I love sampler plates!

Afterwards we went back to DQ’s house and rolled around in a fat stupor. So! Much! Food!!! I also picked up the wood for the square foot garden I’m planning.

Which brings me to gardening. I am master of the segue! Last night I got a bug up my hinder about the damn garden bits in front of the house. Mainly the entirety of the front garden which desperately needs to be ripped out and replanted. The former owners planted hedgy boring evergreen bushes all along the front so that they could be trimmed and maintained in a hedgy boring evergreen fashion. Not that I can’t appreciate a hedgy boring evergreen bushy thing when it’s done well but with our house it’s like adding clish to the clich�. We look like every other late 50s, white, two dormer, cookie cutter house with hedgy evergreen boring. That and the bushes are planted way too close to the house so out they must come!

Yeah, I know. I’ve had this plan for really ever (more so that like forever) but now I’m itching to rip plants out of their soil homes. Especially those damn box elder weed trees but I’ll settle for ripping out the evergreen hedgy boringness and replacing it with something a little more wild and freeform. Something you don’t have to trim because let me tell you, hedgy evergreen boring bushes look like shit if you don’t trim them back. Which I don’t. So I know from shitty looking boring hedgy things. Been there, done that, got the nasty ass front garden. No, I need something that you don’t have to constantly take care of (because hello, Cheeto!) but looks all hedgy and front garden-y and most importantly, like someone cares.

Plus, ripping plants out by the roots has a certain primal appeal to me.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is a thing about to be started because I spent a whole lot of time last night looking through plant books and strategizing my wild no frills hedgy things plants plan. I even got out there this morning and paced the area so I’d have sort of exact measurements. At least as exact as shoe lengths go. Hey, my shoes are relatively close to being a foot in length, or close enough to it for gardening work. Tonight’s plan is to start the plant extraction and perhaps chop out the garden boundaries (I’m going to have to bring the bed about two feet further into the lawn. Awwww, a strip of two feet of grass that won’t have to be mown. We’re all heartbroken over here). Depending on how far I get, tomorrow’s plan might be more chopping and pulling or I could (optimistically) be zooming the zoom of zooming out to get dirt bits to work into the bed.


Gardening, schmardening…now could you scratch a little to the left…

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