No Wednesday Wombats

Yesterday would have been Gardening Day Number three (I think. Hold on…yeah. 3) but TheMan was out at a late shoot and by the time we got home the sky was looking mean and had spat three or four rain drops on the bug. Since I was still stiff and didn’t relish yanking boring bush number two or the stupid weed trees and the sky was looking downright ornery, I decided to take the gardening day off. Sadly, it never did rain proper (although the sky also never did let up with the cranky either) so I could have gone out and puttered but alas. Maybe it was for the better since today I can walk around like a living thing again. If it’s not raining tonight (which it’s supposed to be), I might get out there and start with the hacking down of the plants.

What we did go and do is visit a new Asian Grocery Store. It’s on the north side and is more a Korean grocery store with other Asian stuffs (they had an entire freezer devoted to kim-chi in jars ranging from quart size to three gallon. Nuff said) but they did have some fun JSF. Or would that be KSF? ASF would cover everything I suppose. I picked up a couple something-somethings (and yes, there will be a couple honorary Korean JSF entries. Deal), including a pack of good mochi, another ice cream thing-it and the Korea equivalent of Pocky. TheMan found that one. I’m not sure if this place is going on my list of Favorite Asian Grocery Stores or not because I felt extreeeeeeemely white shopping in there.

We then went home, cooked us up some chicken things and cold Udon noodles with veggies and ginger dressing (yum, btw) and sat down to watch more DS9. I think we got through the second disc, at which point I got a bug up my butt about the runabouts. I was only looking for the names (because I was having a dork moment of “How many of them do they have? And what are their names? Which are Ganges, Yangtze Kiang and Rio Grand if you were wondering), but I found something kind of funny in my search. Apparently, they go through runabouts like a grade schooler goes through tuppers sent in with lunch. Really! In the first season, I think, the Yangtze blows up and is replaced by the Orinoco (still with the river theme!) then the Ganges blows up in the next season and is replaced by the Mekong. Mekong, Gander, Yukon, Rubicon (which was only lost, not destroyed), Shenandoah (also sort of lost. Like tuppers, I tell ya!) and five other runabouts that they didn’t even name all in seven seasons of show. That’s two runabouts a season! Do these things grow on trees? Someone needs to sit them down and have one of those talks. You know, the ones that go something like: “Commander Sisko, I keep sending you runabouts and you keep losing them or getting them destroyed. I’ve had it up to here, young man, with your irresponsibility. Do I have to ground you until you can come home with all the runabouts you left with? Hmmm?”

Anyway, weather allowing, today should be a gardening day. If the weather gets all cranky like (it’s supposed to rain in the late afternoon), then I’ll just zoom to Lowe’s and pick up some implements of destruction. I need new clippers (which will guarantee my old ones pop up from wherever they have gotten themselves off to), one of those shorty flat metal rake fellas for pushing around dirt and raking it even, and a flat blade shovel. Sadly, it looks like there is rain, rain, rain forecasted for the next millennia so I may be getting a tad damp if I want to forge ahead with the garden thing. I really want to get my square foot garden going this weekend and get the front and side gardens all ripped out, bordered and full of tasty new, diatomaceously enhanced dirt.

Mmmm, diatoms.

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