What’s a Cubit?

Dear Ann Landers: I saw my neighbor building a giant boat in his back yard this weekend, should I be worried?

This entire weekend was awash (heh) of rainy petulance and down right snottiness. Friday was dour and gloomy with a sputtering of rain here and there. TheMan was running non-stop at work so by the time I picked him up, he was toast. TOOOOAST! We went out to eat. It rained. We drove home. It rained. We watched Dr. Who. It rained. rain, rain, rain, rain…

Saturday! It rained. TheMan and I got our Saturday morning WoW on (the game not…anything else you may be thinking) and had a pretty good time bopping about. TheMan’s guild charter was finally approved (Cannibal Chef) so he was in an ubergeeky mood most of the day. I bet he’s still busy thinking about Guild Master stuff he could be doing, seeings as it’s his guild and all. That was his squeee for the weekend. It rained the entire time we played.

Afterwards, DQ and I went out anyway as planned (HA! Take that you weather you!) to procure some plantage while TheMan took off to do TheMan things. DQ and I zoomed to the plants place where they had a ton of happy, tasty, fun plants and rain. We wandered about and picked up plants for both her and my (to be constructed when it stopped raining) veggie gardens, the rose and herb garden I want to put in and dirt and other sundries for me and my as yet constructed gardens. It rained.

It rained all damn day. The ENTIRE day.

On the plus side, TheMan did some condo mucking about which resulted in a snazzy stove box deelie. The new stove does not sit flush to the wall like the old one did so TheMan made a doohickey to fill in the small gapping space behind the stove. He also did some crawling around in the crawl space in preparation to run the wire for the electric started of the gas stove. The old stove was older than electric starters. Stupid new electric starter stoves.

It rained all night.

Sunday! It…wasn’t raining! Oh! My! God! That was, what…36 hours of continuous weekend wet up to that point? I’d almost forgotten what it was like to be not raining outside. DQ and I scooted off to the late church service and did the God thing and by the time church got out…it was raining. Now what kind of a message is that? I could have been working for two non wet hours on gardening so the plants, which were sitting all over the driveway on account of it being too damn wet to prep the gardens, could have a real home. But nooo-ooooo. I go to church during the “not raining in typhoon proportions” weather and come home in a down pour.

I suppose the monsoon gave me time to beat back the Horde, which I did and soundly too, and catch up on laundry and other household chores. That still didn’t help my tomatoes which, given the weather, would probably spend the rest of their tomato-y lives in small plastic whatsits off on the driveway apron. I don’t think you get very tasty tomatoes if they have been living off of driveway. Fortunately, by about 4ish or so the rain…stopped. Hallelujah! With a little cajoling I got TheMan to put together one garden box (he is really much better at power tools than I am…unless you need something utterly, totally and irrevocably destroyed or messed up beyond all recognition. In which case, I’m your power tool boo) and I was off!

I think it was clear(ish) for maybe 3 hours and for those three hours I gardened like a mad thing. I mixed and hauled and raked and sectioned until I had me a 4×4 box of dirt and a whole pack of plants waiting to be stuffed into it. Stuff them I did and now I’m feeling all green thumb and everything. Check me out, I have 4 different tomato plants (Roma, fantastic, something that begins with a B and another one), 7 different pepper plants (two chilis, two habanera, two…ahhh, mystery plants (lost the tag) and one banana pepper plant), bush beans, peas, onions and a plant that may or may not be a golden tomato plant. I sort of forgot what it was. I even gave my new garden (squeee!) a light watering to get all the soil…ahhh…wet? Well whatever, the soil was new and I’ve always been taught that when you use new soil, you wet it down so the plants have something to drink. This I did and a half hour later the skies opened back up and doused everything.

TheMan spent his day crawling around under the condo again and finished all the wiring things he had to do. He is so handy, TheMan.

Also on my list of accomplishments was the sampling of a zillion JSFs, reviewing a bunch of them and taking pics of a bunch of them. Sadly, I think I only have one set of JSF for which I both wrote up the review and took the picture of. Hrrrrm. At least I have something for next week.

And that was our weekend. I didn’t nearly get done what I wanted to on the gardening front (still have weed trees to pull and plants on the driveway apron since the three hour non raining window of Sunday wasn’t enough time to prep the rose/herb garden) but house chores were finished, condo work was checked off and we got some WoWing in. Not bad, not bad at all.

It rained all Sunday evening and night.

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