900 Miles Away From One

Check it out: 900 entries. I’d be all clever and whatnot but I am at a low ebb in creativity today. Ergo, I think I’ll just ramble a bit and then move on.

My first rambling is: Happy Birthday Baby D. She turns 3 today. I really need to come up with a birthday haiku for her, but cheeto, no muse, etc. and so forth. I have a list of all our friend’s birthdays and on their special days (more or less) I send off a birthday poem to the all-friends list. It started out as haiku, I think, but occasionally I get the muse to parody something or work in another format. A lot of the time I’m a day or so off (Alessar taking the win for a two week late birthday poem, but I did one haiku for each day I was late so I think we’re good). Perhaps Baby D. is old enough to handle some of the disappointing strides in life; this particular one being that occasionally I am late with the birthday poem. Anyway, happy birthday Baby D!

My second rambling is that there is no garden rambling. Guess what it wasn’t doing when I went to pick TheMan up, zoom over to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s house for cat sitting (day 1), and stopping off at Meijer’s and Lowe’s to see if they had the right garden borders (and the answer is: *ding* NO!)? If you guessed not raining, you should totally give yourself 50 boo points! We spent enough time running errands that we pulled up to the house at 8pm. Boo loves her some gardening, but boo does not do skeeters.

The only plus to the whole trip was that I found some mole-b-gone where you don’t have to go “finding the most active mole holes” and breaking through the tunnels to put a dollop of stuff in the run way (DON’T GET IT ON YOUR HANDS! DON’T GET IT IN YOUR EYES! DON’T BREATHE IT! DON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT! IT’LL TAKE ALL YOUR LIMBS OFF AND GIVE YOU CANCER, LEPROSY AND HALITOSIS!!! AHHHHH!!). In our yard and all over the neighborhood, the answer to the question “Which mole-ways are the active ones” is “yes” and I really don’t relish having to poke through 17,000 feet of tunnel ways and dolloping. The other stuff I found just wants to be sprinkled on the lawn and activated with water. Shoot, water we have. Lots of water. The problem here is not going to be how am I going to water the whole lawn (note to self: Check to see if we have a sprinkler) but how am I going to get the mole stuff on the lawn and not get soaked myself. Lazy Man’s Mole-b-gone wrocks.

My third rambling is ssssssalmon. We cooked up the last of the salmon from when LunarGeography and Badmovie were out of town a while ago (and shipped us salmon!). Mmmmm. It was the biggest chunk, which was far more than a single meal’s worth of fish, so we have leftovers to do something with. Whoooo! Two meal salmon. I’m thinking of whipping up a batch of our amazing tomato sauce and having salmon, sauce, and some sort of pasta. I wonder if we have an already frozen thing of sauce. I should go freezer diving and see. Really, I should keep a list of all the stuff we have in that freezer so I don’t have these moments as often as I do. UFOs are rarely a good thing.

My fourth rambling is…well sort of garden-y. Sorry that. But! It’s also mystery seed like too and that’s a tradition here at the booniverse. From the tea garden of molding, to the marigolds of sprouting and dying; tart cherry pits that never sprouted and seeds of the damned I bring you the seed project of ’06! Seeds of Stuff! Yeah. I’ll come up with some sort of snazzier moniker later as right now I’m sucking the giant suck of creativity. See: First paragraph. Anyway, they aren’t seeds from seventeen years ago and they aren’t some strange little packaged thing-it-thing. They are just the remainder of seeds from last year or the year before (mixed lot) which I put on soaked paper towels to see if I can germinate them. Of course I’m not sure what to do after that as some of the seeds were tiny tiny and getting them off the paper towel will be Uuuuugly. I wonder if I can just plant the whole darned paper towel, that’d certainly solve the miniscule seeds dilemma. I’ll cross that bridge when it sprouts. Meanwhile, I have 10 or so packages of potential herbs hanging out in my celler.

I don’t think I have a fifth rambling, so I’ll leave off here. Enjoy the not wet while it lasts!

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