The Title I’m Not Creative Enough To Snazz Up

Should I get the boring garden-y stuff over first so you all can suffer through it and then read the rest of the blog or leave it for last so y’all can skip out on the blog early? It’s like the old band-aid thing: One short sharp agonizing jerk or infinitely numerous painful little bitty pulls? BTW: that’s one of the Blank White Cards, just in case you wanted to know. Or cared. Or whatever. Onward!

The garden report: I found and bought my garden border deelies – yay! I did not, yet again, get my garden ripped out or planted – boo. I think I came out even there.

We zoomed the zoom of zooming over to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s house and did the cat thing (Day 2). Their house is currently in the midst of chaos as they have been house hunting and have finally found a sweet deal. Hence, boxes and whatnot are all crazy packed hither and thither as they get ready to move. I’m not sure if this house deal is THE house deal (although it very well could be) but I think they are gung ho set on finding a house to move in to this year, so why not get a leg up on the packing? Unfortunately, the Seattle trip came up smack dab in the middle of the packing gig (Oooo! Nesting events! That’s totally how I think!), which gave TheMan and I a crazy ludicrous funny idea. What if we packed up the rest of their things while they were gone so that when they came back everything would be set to go?


And also…no. As fun as that might be for the reaction, we’re entirely too lazy to devote that much effort to packing up someone else’s stuff. Badmovie and LunarGeography have a hella lot of stuff too. You could fill a small sized U-haul truck with all their books alone, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but then where would you put all the rest of their stuff? They’ve got twice as much stuff as they have books. The other reason for not attempting any surprise packing is that I believe LunarGeography is taking this prime opportunity to weed the books and stuff. A culling of the crap so to speak. Who are we to interfere with a crap culling?

Man, I hate moving. I’ve always started by looking around at all my stuff and thinking, “OK. This isn’t too bad. There’s this stuff here and that other stuff there, a little more over yonder and hey! We’re golden!” Then I get to packing and stuff starts coming out of the woodwork. I’ll be hip deep in boxes already and still there will be more stuff left to box up than is currently in boxes. Occasionally I wonder if it’s all really stuff I own or maybe someone figured out how to dimensional rip into my packing so that they wouldn’t have to do it. There’s a trick I’d love to learn: You just keep feeding your stuff into a rip where someone else is packing and then when you get to your new place, you reach into the hole and take your stuff out while they are unpacking. I have got to figure out how to do that if TheMan and I ever move because both of us are stuff collectors.

I told LunarGeography about our packing thought that was never going to happen (because it was funny! In theory at least. This way she gets to laugh at the idea AND continue with the weeding of the undesirables. Everybody wins!). She did have a good chuckle and then related an idea she and Badmovie have had rattling around in their brain pans for a while. They always thought it’d be amusing to completely pack up and move out someone’s entire house save one small note attached to the fridge which had “Croatoan” scrawled on it. Amusing? Pffft! That’s downright funny. Croatoan.


Enough with the moving and the shaking rambling, it’s making me want to weed out our own stuff and organize it. That’s not right. That’s like…work! And say, that brings me to my last topic for today which is not work. Neat eh? Anyway, today is the one week mark for when we head up north of north. Sahweet. We’re going up to visit the Qs on the annual Memorial Day Holiday Up North Run, save this time we’ll be joined by my ‘rents as well. Mumses and Mr. Paul are doing Guilt Trip ’06, or visiting all the people who have been asking them to visit for a million years now. Due to this or that, they haven’t made it up north to where a couple friends live, or north of north where the Qs live, for a couple years now so they decided that this year would be the year of happy round trip visitationing. We’re not carpooling up with them (I think TheMan and I will do another one of those midnight/1am departure things again so we can zoom through all the heavy traffic spots before they become heavy traffic spots), but should meet everybody sometime on Friday when we all converge at the Qs.

I am so squee! 5 day weekend! NO WORK!

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