This Is What I’m Talking About

TheMan and I had a right fine weekend indeed.

Friday I suppose TheMan wasn’t having the best of days due to the migraine like head thing he had going on, so Friday was more my day. The PLAN was for me to do Cat Watch Day 5 or 6 or whatever. Cat watch day next, then head on over to the condo to do a little rose maintenance and to show it to someone who had interest in seeing it and possibly buying it. Yessiree Bob, you read correctly. I had someone who was interested in my stupid absolutely fabulous condo wanting to check it out.


I got a phone call at work from some fellow with the peoples planning on ripping up the street who needed to look at somat-or-other. He wanted to take a look see inside to see if the flibbit-jabbit was kerplunker-snork so I asked him if Friday evening was alright by him. It was, I zoomed, I rosed, he did whatever it was and wandered on to the next unit. I think he’s looking to see how much trouble it’s going to be to change the water supply over to copper from galvanized since they are putting half the complex on a new water main/junction. They will also be installing a water meter in the units so that every unit, or every two units will have a meter, instead of one meter for the whole complex. Imagine getting that bill.

My roses are kinda peachy. They’ve gotten themselves a case of spider mites so I gave them this systemic stuff but I also want to spray the leaves with a soapy solution to get rid of the suckers. Other than that, they are growing like there is no tomorrow. Which I suppose there won’t be if the mites go unchecked but I think I got them in time. My crazy rose bush needs to be thwacked back again and my tea roses are happy as clams. I even remembered the twine for the climber and secured that puppy to the trellis. I also pulled a few of the more egregious weeds. I am such the home owner.

The lady came over, she loved, loved, LOVED the place and would take it in a heartbeat if she didn’t have a house pending sale already. I told her that we weren’t ready to put the condo on the market quite yet so there would probably still be a window of opportunity for her. I think she’s talking end of June/Julyish for the sale of her house, the condo could probably go up right now and not be sold by then. But! She really liked it a lot (DQ said she went on and on about it at coffee hour). Whooot.

Saturday we played more WoW (the game) than I really wanted to, hence my Saturday activities of zooming and gathering were pushed back until 2ish. I had to pick up some more dirt, some mulch, a whiskey barrel, pinks, and tomato cages, all of which I got at Coleman’s save the barrel. Then I discovered that had I gone to Meijers to begin with, I probably could have saved me about half the money. Ah well, live and learn. I also stopped by Wendy’s for lunch and picked up one of their Freschetta sammiches. They were OK.

Once home and fed, I started in on the gardening project. People, I put in an entire 9 foot by 3 foot garden from hacking up the lawn to the mulch on the top. It took me four hours and all my back muscles to do it but one of the major parts of the garden project is fini! Take a look:

Before. Back in the days of yore when I could still stand upright.

Day one: Out out damned bush!

Day two: A little night weeding. (OK, it wasn’t exactly night per se, but it was evening)

Day three: Out out damned bush revisited, or OODB part Ducks.

Day four: Behold! On the fourth day God said “Let there be gardens” and there were. Hey, I’m only following the good book. What was day four anyway? Bugs? Critters? DOAH! So close. Sun, moon and stars were the fourth day, sprouts were the third day. Wait, how does that make sense? I suppose those were the special non light non season non cycle needing seeds. You notice how everything was much hardier back then?

Hold on, wasn’t day and night like the first thing God made? So what…he was just “I have this idea, it’s sort of a yin/yang kind of thing. I think I’ll call it day and night” and then two days later he’s all “Hey, I suppose I should differentiate that day and night thing so people can actually tell what’s going on. How about a sun and a moon? Sure, that’ll do.” I don’t get it; it makes no logical sense to me. Anyway, gardens day three: bright glowy bits day four. Nuff said.

SQUEEE! Garden! And also ow. I made TheMan go do Cat Watch day more because I was having trouble walking about. TheMan, on the other hand, had gotten his lawn stuff done oodles of hours beforehand (long about seas and waters but before sprouts) and had been burning things in the chimbly. Hey, I wasn’t so sore that I couldn’t take over pyrowatch while he went cat sitting, you know? Besides, there were lots of branches to burn. I had fun. wheee.

The cats were well; the house didn’t burn down. Either house.

Sunday morning in the wee, wee hours after Saturday I was so sore it took me 5 minutes just to get out of bed. Heh. Wee, wee. However, by the time I had to decide if I was going to church or not I was moving around like a pro. Either all these days puttering with plants have hardened me up or I was visited by some patron saint of gardening who took all my aches away so I could attend church. Not that I’m complaining that I wasn’t sore, but it was really rather weird how sore I wasn’t. A little stiff, perhaps with a faint ache which was easily walked off but not so much the blazing pain from the last time I ripped up stuff. Is someone trying to tell me something? Is that a message? If it is, would you mind giving me a hint about what I should do with the 27 square feet of lawn I chunked out because it’s sort of all over and not in a really good way. I’m just saying.

Really, what do you do with a million square chunks of sod? You don’t want to put them on the lawn because that’s going to kill it faster than you can say boo. Apparently, you also don’t want to stack it on the walkway because you are going to need to use that space later on when you have to plant the side of the garden, which means restacking all 27 square feet. You can’t exactly wash the dirt out easily, despite really giving it the all out with the hose and dirt is really a pain in the keester to spray off the walk anyhow. Anyone want some sod?

Sunday’s projects were shopping (check) and lawn chunk management because I had managed to sod a good three quarters of the walkway with my superfluous lawn bits. Of course I didn’t place the lawn bits dirt down to form a nice green carpet way. Oh no! That would have made more sense. Instead, I had an Idea! This idea was all about separating the lawn from the dirt by 1. Slamming each piece of chunked out grass upsidown onto the walkway, and 2. Thoroughly hosing the roots clean. The dirt would then magically flow off the lawn bit into some mystical dirt place and life would be peachy. In reality I created 3/4 of a walkway of squidgy, hellish, muddy soup. If there was anything that would make our post man go postal, I’m pretty sure my walkway sod soup would be pretty high on that list.

So I moved my muddy, nasty lawn bits yet again so I could clean off the walkway. Some of the bits I tossed on a couple bald patches on the easement. If they take, great! If not, well maybe they will at least break down into something tasty for the area. Other bits I put on the patches of lawn I have yet to tear out for the remainder of the front garden project. Still others are upsidown in the garden, hoping to dry out enough to shake and bag. The rest I tossed into the giant Cthulhu lilac bush of doom in hopes to get some compost nutrients out of it. Man, 27 square feet of lawn is a lot of lawn and I’m not through ripping up the grass.

Sunday night we vegged. Ahhh, sweet vegging.

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