Is It Friday Yet?

Hey! I think someone turned the week down to the Matrix setting because I swear it feels like it should be Friday yet it’s only…Wednesday? ARRRRGH!

The gardener in me wants y’all to know that we finally pulled the damned weed tree roots. I think I was out there on…ahhh…Monday? Tuesday? Whichever, pick a day. Anyway, I asked TheMan if he would lend me a hand in trying to extract the giant stupid root bundles with the come-along (renamed the “get the hell out of there” for this occasion) and it didn’t exactly work like the charm it was supposed to. In theory, the come-along would put enough pulling force on the root that it would come right up and out of the ground. I’ve worked with come-alongs before and they can create quite the pulling load if they put their mind to it. We convinced ours to do just that and…nothing. Damn weed trees have tap roots that go clear down to China. We wound up hacking as much of the root out as we could (which then went catapulting across the lawn – wheee!) but the whole extraction thing was really rather a bust.

Hopefully we’ve dug out enough and damaged the rest to the point that it will not sprout again. Ever. Fini. I also cleared out a good section (about 1/3 of the total front garden expansion) of lawn, which I then fed to the giant lilac bush of doom, and hacked down the near cluster of side weed treeage. Hate for the weed trees. HATE!! Speaking of hate, I discovered a giant CF of root ball consisting of a goodly sized live weed tree stump and a goodlier sized live Stupid Bush (Number 3) stump. I didn’t even know there was a Stupid Bush on the side of the house! Someone, somewhere at some point in time whacked that sucker right to the ground but failed to dig up the root ball. Of course the root ball didn’t die but instead, sprouted! Wheee! AND! It also appears to be fused with the weed tree. Joi.

I’m calling in professionals ‘cuz I ain’t touching that grand daddy of all that is wholly evil.

I want to try to dig out the front garden before we leave, however I also don’t want to spontaneously explode from overuse of gardening muscles (hence, no gardening was done yesterday) so we shall see.

OH! Gosh. Seeds of Stuff ’06. I totally forgot about Seeds of Stuff. They might be Seeds of Dead and Molding by now. Whoops. I need to check in on those before we leave, otherwise they will be Seeds I Forgot and Ignored and Subsequently Killed. Like how is that any different from the past years? Heh, delivering your yearly dose of plantricide at the booniverse.

I am not even close to ready to go up north in two days. I have a list about a mile long of things to do and I haven’t even begun to write up what I need to take. I find that if I have a list made up a couple of days beforehand, I can add to it before I go up when I remember something else that needs to go along. It’s pretty hard to be crossing the bridge and then remember that you needed whatever it was that is still at home. TheMan thinks I’m way too packing obsessed but I’ll have you know, I have not forgotten a tooth brush ever in all the times I’ve had a list. All you people who think I’m nuts yet have fuzzy teeth due to having left your tooth brushes at home (and I know you’ve done that) can hush up. I’m just sayin.

Oi. I’m so looking forward to my vacation.

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