A Work Day So Slow I’m Gonna Pop!

I am not built for waiting.

There is no Gardening Report. Those of you who have been skimming the Blah blah plants blah blah more plants segments can rejoice. My yet again forgotten seeds of questionable sprouting and my half finished front garden project can cry quietly in the back corner.

It does amuse me though, that our neighbors are trying to sell their house in the middle of my “let’s totally rip up everything in the front, make it look like ASS for a while before replanting it” project. I saw them out yesterday enjoying the small patio strip in the front yard mere inches from my front lawn devastation and they did not look overly pleased. They might also find my practice of chucking the lawn bits into the gargantuan lilac bush that borders our properties less to their trying to sell the house liking. The bush and I don’t seem to mind; two out of three is a House majority is it not?

I am so bad with all that governmental knowledge stuff.

Last night would have had a Garden Report but TheMan was working on a video shoot that ran late and I had to zoom home to meet with Badmovie about taking care of the cats and this and that and whoops! Sun went down. Mrrrr. I suppose it’s just my Darwinian plant owner nature because now the pinks that aren’t planted because the garden isn’t done for them to be planted in yet will just have to tough it out until we get back. If they make it, great! If not, they were inferior species.

I did get most of the packing done, made my lists and added to them, painted my toes (light, happy, summer green!) and dyed my hair. I have to say that the L’oriel (or whatever. Too lazy to look it up) some adjective plum color totally rocks the plumness. The first hair color kit I got was rather meh, about the whole being purple thing (which is, as I understand it, the point of plum) but this is ALL about the purply. There is no mistake from a long way away that my hair is not a natural color. I love it.

I also didn’t notice that my toes are green while my head is purple until sometime this afternoon. Kung Fu awareness, right there.

We have a million things yet to do on our list and I have no idea how it’s all going to get done without one of us exploding or the universe ripping itself into tiny shreds. I need house elves! And car elves! And packing elves! I’d ask for gardening elves but TheMan hates them. OK, I’m going to sign off here because it’s almost time to start in on the projects that will take us 17 years to complete but for which we only have a couple hours to do them.

Then? Up North BabE!

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