I Go Driving In My Sleep

Tally-ho! It’s up north at the crack of Way Too Damn Early for the Q house, but I usually do a yearly Memorial Day Picto-blog thing so here you go. It’s 2 am and this is us leaving the house. Bye downstate!

Will I ever get tired of using that one damn black pic? Nope. Heh. That’s got to be the most re-used picture in the booniverse (how sad!), just as Puchi Pasuteru is probably the most linked…awww scratch. I forgot that each JSFR is linked to the Ratings page, which definitely puts the ratings page far and above Melon ASS balls for the most referenced booniverse page. Well foo.

Anyway, we drove in and out of some medium rain and in the dark for about four and some hours so I have no pics at all, unless you want me to just cut and paste the dark pic above and say “Whooo, Gaylord!” or “Here’s the Westbranch water tower”. I don’t want to do that any more than you want me to do that so let’s just chuckle about the idea (heh heh) and move on. One thing I am sad that I didn’t get a pic of was the sign for East Bay City, which was shortened to E Bay City. So that’s where they live! Whoda thunk? It made me chuckle for many miles after we drove past. Much to TheMan’s annoyance I’m sure.

E-bay City!

We fired up our new book on tape (disc): Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers and it was a hoot! Well at least the half we chugged through was a hoot; it should last us for most of the way back down too. Anyhow, Sayers is a Brit and the book is performed by a Brit and it was cracking my shit up constantly. Oh the Briticisms. Pronouncing telephonists as tel-LEFT-an-ists, aluminium as al-uMINNIE-um, and whatnot. I was so amused with the Brit’s tuns of phrase that I sometimes forgot to listen to the story and was instead concentrating on how the reader was saying the words. One of the things I just couldn’t puzzle out was this stuff they kept talking about that was made by a dairy company. It was like butter but not butter, and they kept calling it mah-gahr-EEN. What the hell is mah-gahr-EEN? I have no idea, but it sounds like something Fabio should be a spokesperson for.

Why does Word know Fabio? THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

Dawn was very picturesque what with the rain and the foggy fog going on, but alas my 1337 camera 5ki11z can’t seem to convey the layered purply foggy landscape thing that was happening.

Driiiiving along in my automobile…

Aaaaand your obligatory bridge shot. Sadly, Ansel I am not so the wicked cool dawn lit misty fog that was hanging around the tops of the towers sorta came out like blurry towers as seen through a cotton ball. In reality it was sahweet to behold, so just imagine that it looked somewhat like this picture only more National Geographic and less Pee Wee’s Playhouse..

We got to St. Ignace at about 6:20 a.m. and stopped off for a stretch and a bite to eat at the Big Boy there (the one with the giant moose dressed up in the checked Big Boy pants. I forgot to look and see if the moose also had the suspenders) and then continued onward. Here’s Lake Michigan in the early morning.

Of course all the early morning tranquility can be easily shattered by a panel van who refuses to pass you, yet won’t back off and give you any decent driving room. Objects in mirror are in my trunk. We had to pull off to let this guy pass. Gnrrrr! However, the rest of the trip passed without incident. We made it to the Q’s and crashed.


Around 4ish, Mumses and Mr. Paul pulled up and looked at the Qs with wide eyed wonder at their truly awesome Yooper driving skills. Apparently Mumses and Mr. Paul met the Seney stretch and thought they had died and gone to traveler’s Purgatory. Damn, that drive can last a lifetime…I think it’s somewhere around 25ish miles of flat, boring and repetitive. And the Qs drive it at least once a month.

Anyway, since we all had arrived, MomQ decided we needed to go OUT! And so we did.

Here are some happy dogs on the beach. The cow spotted dog is Lucy and the black dog is Charlie. They had tons of fun sniffin’ and wandering and making a general nuisance with the retracto-leashes. More than once we had to unwind the dogs or a person from the tangle of leash.

A pretty tree/stream/nature shot.

Some tracks of things that had been scampering on the beach before us.

A sky rat on a rock. Very Jonathon Livingston Seagull. For some reason I became obsessed with getting flying shots and sitting shots and taking off shots of the seagulls. I have a lot! of seagull pictures and about 3 of them actually came out somewhat decent. This is one of them. Sad.

Sky Rat on bench…sky rat in the air!

Would this have not been the coolest seagull pic ever? You know, if the seagull was even remotely centered. And for that matter, entirely in the pic. Le sigh.

This is not a seagull and it’s not really a good shot of what I wanted to convey (although I am amused by the boat on a stick factor. Framing!) What was going on was a large ore boat (the John J. Boland if you are curious) had pulled out of the upper harbor, tooled about to the lower harbor and then began to execute this series of weird boat moves really close to shore. I seriously thought it was going to fire up its engines and plow right into the power plant. Ramming speed, Mr. Christianson! Most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen a large boat do.

I think we tooled around the harbor for a while more, then we went for a “short” walk which may or may not have gotten us within spitting distance of Houghton. MomQ has a different scale of walking than I am used to. We sure did sleep well, though.

Fini, part I.

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