New Rule: Places Mosquitoes are No Longer Allowed to Bite

1. On any finger or toe, but especially no biting on the knuckles or close to the nails.
2. On the ear, and especially not the cartilage-y part of the ear. Is there even drinkable blood there??
3. On or near the eye and most importantly, NEVER ever ever EVER as long as the sun rises and the moon sets ON THE EYELID!!!
4. On the palms of the hand or the bottoms of the feet.

I’ve been bitten in all of these places at one time or another, but never in three of the four in one feeding. Consequently, it would not bother me overly if I woke up one day to discover that all the mosquitoes on the face of the Earth had disappeared. Preferably by spontaneous combustion.

Saturday we had a belated Mother’s day brunch which TheMan and I whipped up. TheMan was the chef du jour with made to order omelets and I did something or other very important. I think I set the table? Sure! I also cut the coffee cake. Critically important work. The omelets were very delish and we all had a pretty good start to the morning. We needed it too since MomQ had PLANS!

MomQ often has plans. Saturday’s plans were to climb Sugarloaf and zoom over to some place or other near Little Presque Isle. Maybe. It was the shore of Superior with a beach and some rocky islandy things.

Here’s a mountainy scenery pic. Ooooo. Ahhhh.

The hike is fairly decent as they have built stairs over the roughest parts, but still, that’s about a bazillion steps. Here’s Mr. Paul wondering where Mom and DadQ have gotten off to.

Oh! There they are.

The view from the top (and TheMan’s pic). You can see the power plant off in the distance, this would be the very same plant I was talking about in Friday’s boat weirdness incident. It’s still standing (the plant in this case, although I have no evidence to disprove the fact that the boat may also still be standing. Or floating. Whatever) so I assume the boat finished doing what it was doing and puttered off.

After mountain climbing, it’s only natural to go to the beach to cool off. Here are those crazy Yoopers, two of which have shucked shoes and socks to go wading. Did you know that Superior is so cold that bodies don’t float? They don’t! They just sink to the watery depths as it’s too cold for bacteria to get on with the decomposing and the making of the floaty body. Believe you me, dead things will take any excuse to rot but they can’t in Superior because it’s TOO FREEKIN COLD!!!!

I think we went out for dinner and then…Oh, I can’t remember. Anyway, it was soon Sunday (and the Q’s anniversary. Happy Anniversary Qs!) and we were off to Camp.


But not before we stopped at Lakenenland. This is the place that we pass on the road to camp which has the strange blue thing on its sign. Apparently, the blue thing is a representative sample of the critters that lurk in the display.

Oh look! It’s…ahhh…red thing.

Four things in a cage…





This one is for Badmovie. I woulda bought it for you but our bug is too small and the fella doesn’t sell his work.

And of course, Peaches. Hi Peaches!

Then it was time to get going camp-ways. That’s Mr. Paul’s truck gurgle-sloshing down the camp road. TheMan and I were in the Jeep following (and snapping pics) and yes, that’s really the road. Interesting note: The Jeep has a pitch and yaw-o-meter on the dash which is a hoot to watch as you are jouncing along. We all arrived in one piece and set up camp. Heh, I slay me.

The mosquitoes and bitey flies were thrilled to have fresh blood to chow on so chow they did. Daaaaayum but there were a ton o’ skeeters. I think the only reason I didn’t get bit on the eyelid (this time out) was that I slept with a pillow over my head. That didn’t seem to stop them from biting every other place on my person. Thank goodness for carpeting, otherwise I’da gone nuts itching the bottom of my feet. Big ball of HATE for mosquitoes.

It was hot and muggy (and buggy) at camp, which was rather unusual. The four other times I’ve been up it’s been freezing, very chilly, chilly, nice and now muggy. Global warming evidence, right there folks! Sadly, it was way too hot to fire up the fireplace (*sniff*) but on the flip side, I actually voluntarily and willingly stuck my feet in the ice bath they call a lake up there and kept them in for at least 20 minutes. Mind you, after I pulled them out they were bright pink and I couldn’t feel them quite, but while I was foot dipping, the rest of me felt wonderfully refreshed. Then, later on, I walked about the shallows (voluntarily and willingly) for a bit until the bugs drove me inside.

I’m still a really long way from taking a swim (or getting wet up to my knees) so don’t worry. I’m not going all cold blood on ya, it was just that hot out.

Your moment of Superior Zen.

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