The End Of The Matter

Riiiight…MARGE-ar-in. I can’t believe it took me two days to figure that out. I had to spell it in my head before I said to myself, “Wait a minute…if you spelled mah-gahr-EEN out what would it look like-HEY! They’ve been talking about margarine the whole time!” Kung fu awareness right there folks. Although in my defense it’s hard to recognize words that are syllablized all weird like if you can’t see them written down.

OK! Anyway, Sunday to Monday night we were eaten alive by mosquitoes, or at least TheMan was. He’s one of those people you want to have by your side on an evening because 9 times out of 10 the bitey sucky bugs will go for him. TheMan rates even higher on the bug suck scale than Mr. Paul, who was my former bug companion. Mind you, Mr. Paul, TheMan, and I’m sure anyone else who has the unique bite me gene probably doesn’t appreciate their special gift but the rest of us sure do! Heh. Since I was sleeping in the same room as TheMan, I did not suffer the slings and probiscuses of the little demons nearly as much as I would have alone. I did get the bite on the bottom of my foot and on my big toe nail bed beginning area but I also didn’t have to battle them all night long.

Love you my mosquito bate babe!

We woke up pretty early, packed up, headed back to the house for a shower and took off all before 10am I believe. The drive back was nicely pleasant too., although not picture worthy (you’re welcome). Sometime around Saginaw, I think, we finished off “Murder Must Advertise” which was a decent listen. I still love Brits and their Briticisms. Rath-arh! Tut-tut! I still don’t understand cricket. Would I listen to another Dorothy Sayers? Most probably, especially if the book is read by a Brit. Rath-arh! Then again, it’s such a long drive up that almost anything would be appreciated, especially is read by a Brit. Oo-Er!

Then we were left to our own amusements, so we prattled on to A2. I don’t think we solved the world’s problems because otherwise I’d have remembered…most likely and might even have let y’all in on the secrets. As far as traffic went, we were pretty golden the whole way. There were some thick spots but nothing like I thought we might hit as we were coming home on Memorial day right about the time everyone else would also think about coming home, since not everyone had the forethought to take the next day off of work.

And thus, our up north vacation endeth.

We got as far as unpacking the bug and stuffing the AC in the window (Well, TheMan did anyway) before we promptly fell asleep for the rest of Monday. Both cats were all meow but that did not deter our napping plans one iota. Apparently, napping is just fine with cats too as the whole Q house was one disjointed bundle of sleep just about two hours after we arrived home. We may have done something in the hours between home and up the next morning but darned if I can remember what it was, other than drive and collapse. I’m fairly certain we covered those two points in much detail. You know, I don’t think we even unpacked.

It’s about time you two got home!

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