Weekend Recap

Happy Birthday (one day late) Little Kitty!

So…if you design your own work schedule around your classes wouldn’t you also assume that you’d actually be in when you scheduled yourself? Or am I old fashioned? I’d think that if you signed up to work, say, 8-10 then when you came in to work it would be at 8 and until 10 unless something special came up. But maybe I’m just behind the times cuz I have no idea when the web guy will materialize these days. It’s really hard to schedule the other people who need that space around random comings and goings but whatever. Man. Don’t be harshin the buzz of free flow thinking you know? Like, when the urge strikes you gotta flow with it, otherwise you’re thinking like the man all in a box and stuff.

Maybe I should start a ‘guess the start time of that hourly’ lotto or something and at least make money out of the gig. At least this web assistant will graduate (hopefully) and we’ll get another one.

My toes are ‘Sunlit Bronze’. I up and slapped some polish on them yesterday as I was sitting there on the bed looking at the poor pearlescent stuff that has been growing out all winter. You know, a girl’s gotta celebrate spring somehow and I’m doing that by painting my toes any darn color I feel like. Ha! My toes, my paints WORSHIP MY BRONZE TOESES! So yeah, I’m all happy like for having new toe color and a nice vibrant stand out ‘damn, those toes are painted!’ color as well. I also discovered that TheMan (who doesn’t much care about thinking in boxes) prefers a lighter color paint (his pref was silver) but you know what? WORSHIP THE BRONZY GOODNESS THAT IS MY NEW TOE COLOR! Alright, nuff said about the toes.

It was the Little Kitty’s birthday yesterday (and she does care a great deal about thinking in the box. Or lounging in the box, or trying to stuff herself in a teensy boxlet, basically she is all about the box) and this year marks her eighth year as a cat. Not that she has been something else to my knowledge, I can only attest to her eight years of catness. I almost forgot it again this year, which would be the second year in a row. I am a bad cat mom, except I remembered at about 9pm last night. Close. I got out the wet food and set aside some extra snuggle time with Vande-cat. This, of course, made the ‘I’ all jealous so I wound up with two kitties all over trying to out bid each other for the prime kitty spots. Still, I think they were all cat happy and such so the eve was not a total bust.

It was also badmovie’s game too, which went. Nothing great, nothing sucked so I have not too much to say about it. LunarGeography was there, which was cool. She gets some bitching headaches on occasion so she has been out for a while. My character got to meet her character which was also cool.

In real life, we all went out to dinner afterward to Red Robin, which is quickly becoming my ‘Number one Pain in the Ass’ restaurant. The food is good but the atmosphere sucks giant moose wang. It’s loud, noisy, raucous and a little kitchy. Mostly, it’s the noise that gets to me, it sounds like a school assembly before someone has come on stage to get everyone’s attention. It’s so loud it’s tough to hear what your table mates are saying and it’s tough for the wait staff to hear what is being ordered. Or maybe that was only our particular bimbo of food getting (wow, she was one scatterbrained server). They have music going too but I don’t even know why they bother because you just can’t hear any of it.

TheMan and I both got the tempura fried salmon and fries limited time special. I am still trying to decide whether deep fried salmon is some sort of food travesty of a great new novel idea. Certainly it is pretty fetid with tartar sauce, but nicely tasty with lemon. I am thinking it would be right spanking grand with yakatori sauce but alas, I could not prove that theory. Still, it was an interesting dish.

Saturday was a slow starting day, mainly because I felt like utter poo. Glah. Could not wake up and my tum was all gurgly and cranky like, so I stayed in bed until 1 or so. This pushed the day’s activities back further than I would have liked, but I got everything done. While TheMan did Smithee editing, I headed over to TheRCK’s for some afternoon yard work. I, and later Mssr. Gonkweasel, attacked the evilness that is the black berry patch and tried to submit it to our will. Here’s a question, are black berries and black raspberries the same thing? I do not know enough about the plants to say either ‘Of course they are, it’s just a regional dialect difference’ or ‘Of course not! Any fool knows that black berries are blah while black raspberries are other blah.’ Huh. Well, either way, they are nasty picky plants of doom. I have war wounds from wrestling with the runners. We did get about half the patch cleared out (dead weeds from last summer, winter trash, runners gone crazy) and tied back which was the whole point of the day’s work. It was a nice day and I had fun in the ‘I have accomplished something noticeable and have defeated the evil bramble gods!’ sort of way.

Then it was on to help with the dojo cleanup after open house. The good thing was I had my days all warped so I was thinking it was Sunday, when indeed it was only Saturday. Whoo! Somehow it made the weekend seem like a three day weekend, which rocked. I also got to scam extra open house food, which rocked too. Dinner was cheese bits, cauliflower and triscuits. Very tasty. Unfortunately TheMan got into one of those reading and munching modes and before he knew it most of the cheese had been eaten. I usually do that with Oreos. ‘Hey, who ate all my Oreos? And why do I feel like I’m going to hurl’ …oh! Heh, I guess that would be me. Uuuurp.’ I can’t really recommend either.

Friday, since I seem to be working my way backwards, was the dojo banquet. Saweeet. I wound up taking still pictures of the lion dance when TheMan volunteered to do video work for Zeff. It was pretty cool and TheMan should post the pics sometime today, at which point in time I will link to them. I saw a couple that I really liked but all in all I think they came out a bit too blurry. The Lion dance moved too fast for light conditions or I didn’t have the setting right and I couldn’t figure out the manual focus on the fly, which would have made some of the fuzzy ones turn out. I’m not really familiar with the camera and I think it shows. Still, there is one great picture of the lion looking at the camera in a ‘What the hell do YOU want?!!’ manner which cracks me up. TheMan likes a few of the blurry in motion shots but I would have rather had them a little more distinct. I did get a couple of great shots because I knew what was going to be happening. Got to love that. I could time my shutter bugging with the action and, if it had been in focus (auto focus and I were having a small war) would have come out great. Ah well, next time.

I did a security stint during the other demonstrations but I heard about them later (and I’ll get to watch the tape). The sai guys did a toss the fruits thing which started with a cantaloupe and ended with a grape but I had seen them practicing Monday with an apple. Heh, the apple basically exploded all over the place (the fruits were cantaloupe, a pepper and a grape, no apple) so I guess that was cut from the act. Heh, ‘cut’ from the act, oh I slay me!

The rest of the evening went great. Good food, good company and god awful expensive drinks. $1.50 for half a can of diet coke? No thank you! I jazzed up on coffee instead. Heh. Then there was the white mousse dessert, on top of the four thousand helping of delicious food. Maybe that’s why my tum was so upset? Heh. Well, I think you gotta kick back and relax every once in a while. Go Mousse!

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