The Wednesday Special

OH! You green haters are NEVER going to guess what I’ve was doing yesterday. Oh-yes indeedy do, it’s time for more of the Garden Report. Except there isn’t a whole lot to really report other than my little rose garden seems to have survived the long weekend (although it was a little wilty with the heat) and my veggies are vegging along. Did I say that my peas have sprouted? Well they have. They aren’t tall enough to have to wrap in the fence but I have peas. Yay!

I also have some beans but I think someone got to munching on them early since I have about half of what I planted. Damned bean munchers. I also have some itty bitty tomatoes. Awwwwww, they are so cuuuuute! The seeds of stuff are moldy/sprouty/sprouty-moldy/and unchanged. I really need to do something with them. The big garden report is that I finally cleared out the whole front garden. Yay. This means that the green review will be slowing down a bit as the next step is to have someone come yank our roots (that sounds like a painful hair salon procedure). I took a good look at all the nasty little weed trees and the one weed tree boring bush conglomerate and decided I wasn’t going to touch that. I draw the line at mutant fused boring evergreen bush-weed tree. I might, however, cut down the rest of the weed trees alongside of the house. I get a somewhat unsettling jubilant thrill when I hack those puppies to the ground. Damn weed trees. I think I may have just turned to the dark side there.

Heh. If I had dark side powers I’d totally just yank those weed tree suckers out of the ground with my evil twisted dark side mind. Then I’d probably fling them, branches and all, at people driving and blabbering on their cell phones. I can’t tell whether that would make me a prime dark side candidate, a loony dark side candidate or a lame dark side candidate. Sorry there, Mr. Emperor, I’d love to go kill all your Jedi for you but I have a couple weed trees I need to force yank and some cell phone idiots to smite. My calendar’s pretty clear after that, though.

At least I’d be amused, which just might get me some dark side cred.

Sadly, we had a bit of a mix-up yesterday as far as vacation schedules so our grand Tuesday plans of doing absolutely nothing got mucked up a bit. The original plan was to loaf all vacationing like at home on Tuesday, but there was a work thing that poped up last…Wednesday? and TheMan sort of forgot about the Tuesday not going in thing. Thusly, he headed in for a half day of work stuff meeting while I got up and played with green things in the hot. I think I also gave myself a bit of heat exhaustion despite the two bottles of water, shorts, snappy hat and working in the shade. It was just too hot and humid out to be ripping out lawn (and feeding it to the lilac). After a gallon of water and a nice cool shower I felt decent again save for a pounding headache that didn’t really go away all day. I even had to miss our WoW (the game) event. Head hurty. We did do a little puttering out and about in the real world and got a new computer chair (yay!) and a new desk (yay!) and eventually the whole kit and caboodle will be lugged downstairs and into the small bedroom (yay!). Progress!

OK, I really need to get working on the pics from the weekend so I’ll wrap it up. Ciao!

At least it isn’t a green growing thing, although I think Little Kitty might have gone for the crocus pic rather than this one.

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