Big Ball of Mosquito HATE!

I! Itch!

Monday, Monday, Monday. I think that means I get to recap the weekend for y’all, but I’m being driven bonkers by the three zillion mosquito bites I’ve collected over the week. ITCHY! Seriously. I could count them and give you an exact number but at the moment they are all weirdly quiet (except for the one on my shoulder. Excuse me a minute…ahhhhhhhh. OK! Back) and I don’t want to draw any attention to them for fear they will remember that they itch. Then suddenly, they will think they are slacking in their mosquito bite duties and will start up with the insanity inducing simultaneous itching. People, I only have two hands!

Friday night we headed home and hung around waiting to see if the Qs were going to be down that night. Rumor had it they would be heading our way and that when they came, we’d all go out to dinner. Sadly, rumor neglected to tell us exactly when they would come, so long about eight o’clock TheMan and I made an arbitrary decision that Friday was not the night and scrounged us some dinner. We cobbled together some salads, watched the Dr. Who season finale (part 1 of 2) and then went to bed. Exciting!

OoooOOOooo! I almost forgot, speaking of Friday. I’m switching up my eating habits (again!) and cutting back on my sweetie days to just Saturday and Sunday because…I’ve discovered sugar free “sweeties”! Yeah, I know. Kung Fu awareness and all, but! It never occurred to me to try sugar free stuff when I embarked on the no sweetie week. Apparently, I didn’t get the memo explaining that “sugar free” and “full of the verboten caloric goodness” are two entirely different concepts so I continued to lump them all together and forwent any type of desserty thing. Oh! But I missed my sweeties sometimes. Then on Memorial Day weekend, MomQ served up some sugar free ice cream (which was the Tast-T) and a little light went off in my head.

“Heeeyyyyyyyyyyy…sugar free has no sweetie! Ergo…sugar free stuff won’t get all up in my pre-diabetic grill. Which means…sugar free sweeties are BACK ON THE MENU!”

Then I did a dorky little dance in praise of sugar free sweeties which spooked the cats and was immediately banned south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Oh come on…like y’all would immediately think “Ice cream…well that’s not a dessert if you take the sugar out of it.” I mean…ICE CREAM! It’s like the king of sweetie sweets. You can’t just go and have a bowl of it and call it dinner (and not get yelled at by the little disapproving mother voice that lives in your head and tells you things like not to drink out of the carton and such). Ice cream is a dessert and desserts are sweeties, which I can’t have because of my stupid overtaxed pancreas, ergo it’s off the list.

Now that my plork has realized that I can have sugar free sweeties, I’ve been experimenting! This past week I picked up some sugar free Jell-o pudding (I gotta give a big shout out to the butterscotch flavor-Whoooo! Keep it real, Scotchy!), sugar free fudgesicles (not as good as the leaded variety but surprisingly tasty none-the-less), sugar free creamsicles (not so much with the yay) and sugar free popsicles (very ‘meh’). Everything would be peaches and light if only the frozen treats didn’t come in a multi-pack. I’d never get the popsicles on their own, yet the disapproving little mother voice keeps doing that ‘tsk-tsk, what a waste of money and food’ thing whenever I think about just ditching the lesser freezie treats. Ergo, I’m going to wind up with a shelf full of ‘meh’ which I’m going to have to chew through before I can get more tasty fudgy treats. Eh, it’s probably going to save my pants line in the end since it’ll take me forEVER to munch through the popsicles. Bleh.

Goodness. I blather. Are we only on Saturday? I feel for you people (yet continue to write. Heh!). Saturday we did the usual WoW (the game), and then went out to eat at La Shish with the Qs, who had finally wandered their way down. After that, we finished up the Saturday game (whoooo!) and got home in time for bed. Maybe we watched some TV something or other and then went to bed. Is it important? Not in the big scheme of things. Moving on!

Sunday sucked. In particular, Sunday sucked from the Green Growy standpoint because I went out and about in search of three primary things: Azaleas, Vinca, and cypress mulch to finish up the front garden. I hit five different places and came up empty handed with respect to stuff from my ‘A’ list. Oh, I found the stuff, but it was either dead, mangled, inaccessible due to some strange forklift square dance lessons taking place in the pallets, absurdly priced or there were so many people clogging the place up I had no chance of getting my stuff before the winter frosts hit. As is, TheMan was about ready to call in a missing persons report because it took me over three hours to get eight bags of dirt, two bags of sand and some ill sized hardware cloth (second garden supplies). Most of that was travel time or looking for a flatbed that was not in use time.

Since I was out and about in the truck, I thought I might zoom the condo boxes over to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s place and offer to take some stuff to their new house. Of course they were not in (of course!) so I left the boxes like so many corrugated babies on an orphanage doorstep and trundled home. Bah. At least I got to haul something around in my giant gas guzzling monstrosity. TheMan, on the other hand, rocked the yard work. He rocked it so hard that we came out ahead of the game despite my dismal shopping excursion.

After that, things perked up for we got an invite to go see Badmovie and LunarGeography’s new abode. Whooo! They have a cute little one story thing with a strange little square hallway and a nice lawn (and three million mosquitoes). The jury is still out about whether the house is a ranch or a bungalow, mostly because the jury doesn’t know from ranch and bungalow other than both are one story. They jury did, however, deliberate on the matter and remembered that ranches get to design their own brands. Barring any further discovery, the jury decided brands were cool and dubbed the house a ranch.

We topped off the night with a trip out to eat at La Shish where I discovered that there is a limit to the number of times one can partake of hommous in a weekend.

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