I Plum Forgot

The day of the great traveling up north (err…two Thursdays ago. Timely!) I cracked open the second package of hair color mousse and gave it a spin. It was the L’Oreal (which Word recognizes…because we all need to know how to spell words L’Oreal in our day to day lives) iced plum or something of that nature. Perky plum? Hip plum? Whatever, some sort of cute adjective plum. Thumbs! Up! for color! It was a bazillion times more dyed plumish looking than the first one I tried (which was more hint o’ plumish) and it had the staying power.

Sadly, I took no pictures, although I could snap a pic of my head today after the 12th washing and you would still see a faint light pinkish plum look to my locks. It’s supposed to have washed out in 8 washings (which the other one certainly managed with little effort) but I’m still definitely pinky today (which is cool by me). That’s staying power. If I recall, the first foray into the search for purple hair was rather lack luster and I think it stayed in for maybe 6 or 7 washings, possibly all 8 but it was so meh to begin with I didn’t really notice. This one has me looking in the mirror every morning and saying “Hey! Pink. Still.” I think my only complaint is that the color definitely has lightened up a bit from the dark plummy pink to just highlighted pink.

Incidentally, someone asked me today if this was my natural color. I replied “Yes. I’m one of the rare pink headed people of this world.”

Sadly, the L’Oreal hair stuff is more red than I wanted so I went searching for something more Crayola speced purple. One of the hourlies suggested a brand called Manic Panic for vibrant color so I took a look see. OooooOOOOooo! Nice purples but…so many to choose from! Am I feeling Purple hazy? Lie Locksish? Mystic Heather like? Plum Passionesque? Arrgh! Purple overload! I decided to order the Plum Passion and the Purple Haze and will probably dye my hair with one or the other for the transplant games.

Monday we came home to find these cute fellas waiting for us (me) by the door. Can I keep them? Huh? Puhleeeeeeze?

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