The Purple Is A Go!

That’s the Transplant Games Webcast Team Purple. Yes folks, we got webcast sign!

Whoooo! Last night we finally got the word on the webcast situation a week before the webcast which seems like pretty short notice for a thing involving lots of people and tech and whatnot. Apparently this sort of 11th hour decision making is rather par for the course for the webcast sitch. Perhaps even a little early, but that’s how it goes when you have to rely on donations for the funding. When I take over the world, I’m going to reallocate funding from Bush’s retirement stash and set up a trust for the webcast team. That way, they won’t ever have to worry about how they are going to get to the games and just go. I’ll even throw in a bunch of those cloisonne pins out of pocket for trading. Man, that was a hoot bartering for pins at last year’s games, there should always be webcast pins!

Can I get a big round of YAY for getting the go-ahead? YAY! The games run the 17th through the 20th but we’re flying the coop for Kentucky on…Thursday (had to look it up). Ellie, TheMan, maybe Ellie’s parents and I are the advanced set up team. I think the rest of the folk are flying in on Friday and then the fun begins. I’ll try to keep the blog updated but I’m not sure what time I’ll have. Rumor has it that the US games are more laid back than the World games so I might have time, but oi! Were the World games buzzing. I’ll at least post date for y’all. I might even be nice to you JSFR junkies and hammer out a double review for the 17th/18th weekend. We shall see.

In other news that I find quite exciting but in reality is all about ham, I picked up a fantastic deal at K-Rogets the other day. They were having one of their crazy sales and lo! Hamms with bones in them for half off. Dude, I’ll gladly shell out $17 bucks for a hamm with a bone. That’s a sweet deal! This I did (duhhh!) and yesterday TheMan cooked it all up roast style with taters and onions and carrots wallowing in hamm juice. Not only was it the cheapest hamm deal ever, but it was the tastiest hamm deal ever (OMG! The onions. THE ONIONS! Boo has died and gone to tasty onion heaven) AND I have a soup bone. This is me, doing the cheap but very tasty hamm that produced the world’s most delectable cooked onions AND still has a bone with which I shall make split pea soup dance. It’s a complicated thing so I’ll spare you the details but it does involve a shot glass and a feather duster.

In other other news, not hamm or dancing related, I got into contact with a potential new Smithee shirt printer/sewer. Our previous fellas seem to have gone out of business (*sniff*) so if we want to order up more shirts, we need to find someplace that will do it. Badmovie happened across this advert (hee! Don’t I sound the English!) in March for a new place so yesterday I called them. Hey! THat’s pretty timely for me. Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to take an hour of vacation and zoom over to chat them up. They do embroidery as well as screen printing (whoo!) so this may be a two birds one stone sort of thing. Don’t know what’s going to happen with it, but I’ll keep you posted. If I remember. I need some way of marking my blog so I can figure out what threads I’ve left hanging and what ones I’ve actually followed through on. Huh.

Oooo! Cutie fern fellas say “Yay Transweb!”

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