Open And Shut Case

I hate mosquitoes with a burning passionate HATE! And I’m about to shave both cats bald because they keep leaving little waify hairs that worm their way across my nose when I’ve just gotten comfortably burrowed in the bed. So, for a change of pace, I thought I might just slam my hand in the big ornate wooden doors OF DOOM this morning as I was coming in to work.

No worries, I only gave all my fingers a good sound rapping that smarted for a couple of minutes, but I thought the door was behaving in an odd fashion, so I told my boss about it. Oi! The covering of the asses. This and that form had to be filled out, I had to go to the work injury place and they had to put the door down because it unprovokedly cracked me a good one across the knuckles. Actually, I have no idea what they are going to do with the door but I’m fine to the point that the doc said “Why are you here?!?” Well, because they said so. At least I got a nice walk out of the deal and some outside time. All was naught for loss!

That’s my Monday, welcome to it.

My Friday was a little bit better; there was no knuckle barking door fights and the mosquitoes hadn’t had time to devour me alive. What did we do? Hrrrmmm. OH! The Amber game proceeded apace, albeit a bit late and we taped the season finale of Dr. Who, which we didn’t get to watch. Foo.

Saturday I had some truck duty errands to run which also brought me to the niftiest key place ever. Well maybe not ever but it did possess the cooooolest key ever on the face of this planet. I had to get a house key made for Badmovie and LunarGeography soas they can look after the kitties whilst we are at the Transplant Games (THREE MORE DAYS!) and what should I find but light up house key deelies. I have been nagging/harping/pestering TheMan for ages to put a damn light out of the porch already so I can see where the fricken lock is at night. I have poor night vision and while I can see where the whole assembly is, I can’t find the key hole to save my soul. Key fumbling no more! I had them cut me out a light up house key (and gave Badmovie and LunarGeography my old key) and now I can zip right into the place when it’s pitch black out. Huzzah!

Then I puttered around doing garden work. I had the chance to stop by the condo and snagged some crazy rosebush cuttings with which I’m hoping to propagate little crazy rosebushlets. These I stuck in the front garden, after grading it so the dirt slopes away from the house (yeah, whoops) along with the rather crispy pinks and the wood border deelies. It looks like real, garden caring people live there now. Whoot! I also managed to get the second vegetable garden up and running but not yet planted. I decided, in the middle of a kamikaze run of killer mosquitoes, that the planting could just wait until Sunday.

Which came bright and early for TheMan. Saturday was Rob’s birthday party and Sunday TheMan was feeling low. We managed to hoof it over to Rob’s in the morning to retrieve the truck (TheMan and I drove separately as I was doing garden work/mosquito dodging while the boys did some whirlyball) and have breakfast. I also melted Rob’s slotted spoon making Beignets. Note to you aspiring Beignets makers: Black plasticy slotted spoons do not hold up so well in deep fried oil situations. We trundled home, I planted onions and garlic (lots of onions and garlic. I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in the critters!), watered everything and was going to take a nap when Badmovie and LunarGeography called. The heavy stuff from LunarGeography’s parents had made its way north and they needed help unloading.

Off we went! There was a definite Douglas Adams moment when the couch refused to go into the house no matter how we spun it, but by some miracle and a twist and a heave it popped nicely inwards. Now Badmovie and LunarGeography have a matchy nice couch with a lovely comfy love seat and a coffee table/end tables set that I’m going to sneak over and steal from them. Heh.

Afterwards, we settled down for a bit of a nap before watcing the taped Dr. Who but woke up this morning. Foo, but I do feel rested!

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