Never Gave Me Any Trouble Until After Nine


Guess who turns 11 today? Wow. 11. I think 11 is the year in which a cat goes totally ape shit because OH! The cat drama! Mee! MEE! Mrrr! Mow! MEOW! All the damn time! Of course, I’m not sure how that is any different from a cat turning 10 because OH! The cat drama! In fact, I do believe once the demon possessed Isaak turned 9 he started up with the following me everywhere yowling at me. What’s that about?

We took some pics of the birthday cat to share, so share I will. Sadly, I did not have the camera with me when he decided to flop down and cuddle up to my towel, which I had tossed on the floor in laundry preparation. It was a very “It smells like caaaaat moooooom!” moment.

The first pic was one I took and this is one TheMan took. Damn him and his beautiful picture taking capabilities. I think that my picture captures Isaak’s personality much better. Hrmm! I also think that Isaak will stay still longer when TheMan is taking pics and I’m talking at the cat than when I’m behind the lense.

Stop popping me in the eyeballs with that stupid bright light!

“Gimmie-a kiss”

Give you a kiss? What kind of a cat pervert do you tink I am?!??!

Isaak has some problems with the light of the flash so most of the pics we take of him look a lot like the one above with the flash caption. The other ones are of him looking somewhere else. Sad. He really has very pretty blue eyes when he isn’t scrunching them up in the demented scrunch of doom.

Hark! It is my nemesis the camera strap!

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