This is me, blathering like a mad thing. Tomorrow at the bright and early time of 9am (which is an hour after all you other 8-5ers have to be at work — SCORE!) Ellie is picking us up and we are zooming down to Louisville to set up for the webcast of the Transplant games. You would think that the entire day would have crawled along ssssllllloooowwwwwly but not for me. I had a million things I had to do before I left and in the middle of all that was a mandatory Diversity Presentation (of DOOM!) on understanding Islam.

Holy Cow! Did it rock (or rather praise Allah did it rock, I think). The two women who presented were just fantastic and they had all sorts of educational goodies to hand out including a Koran (Qu’ran?)…sorta. It seems as if a Koran (I’m going to use the spelling I’m more familiar with) isn’t a Koran if it’s been translated into anything but the native Arabic. In that case, it’s a “Understanding the Meaning of the Koran” and isn’t the holy book as much as it’s like…ahhh…an interpretation of the holy book. Maybe? Anyway, if it isn’t in Arabic than it’s not a true Koran.

Here’s some other really fascinatingly neat tidbits of Islam; Muslims believe in the one god, the end times/second coming sort of thing and angels so people who also believe this (Jews and Christians) are considered “People of the Book”. Of the book meaning following the word of God, not necessarily of the Koran. So, places that Jews and Christians worship are also considered holy places of God to Muslims and should not be desecrated or destroyed. Muslims are also charged with helping and fighting for/with Jews and Christians should the need arise because, again, same God. How many other religions can claim that eh? That’s a very Love Thy Neighbor type of sentiment.

OooooOOOoooo! Here’s another neatness: Although the Koran is the highest law in Islam, Muslims also believe that the scrolls, Torah, Gospel, Psalms (and probably a lot of other things I’m forgetting) are holy writings. Here’s where I got a little fuzzy on the whole holy texts thing, but I think that these not Koran things are holy but not binding. Anyway, they are all considered words of God with the Koran being the supreme uber word. Excuse me for completely manglating any and all philosophy, which I most probably have done.

So it was a really good presentation but it ate away about 2 hours of my day, which made me hop to for the rest of my working time. I didn’t get to my boss’s filing (*sniff* [insert huge crocodile tear F/X here]) and I botched my e-mail vacation message (apparently, I’ll be back July 12th. If only!) but all in all, I think I rounded up all the really important things and got them all squared away. On the home front, I’ve packed almost everything save what was in the last load of wash. Go me! I have a list (made that up throughout the day) of things and stuff to take so I think I’m golden.

No doubt I’ll have forgotten something important. OH! Snappy hat! I need to put that on my list…

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